DJI fly with a mini 3 pro and IOS 16

Has anyone flown with iOS 16 yet?

I’m just doing the update now,as iOS16 has been released

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Yes, it got released today

Which drone?

Which app?

DJI fly with a mini 3 pro

Everyone loves an early adopter

Fly It Alex and let us know it’s safe

Personally I’ll be waiting for at least 16.2 before updating


Yeah, I will post an update once I go for another flight

I have upgraded to iOS 16, and have flown my Mini 2 this morning. I could see no issues at all with the drone, or with the software in general (so far)


Okay good to hear

I’ve been flying with iOS 16 since the first beta in June and no issues at all . Flew on Monday with the official release and it’s very stable