DJI FPV - 1.2W

Someone found that it’s switchable up to 1.2W - again with a simple text file!
Is this power output legal anywhere in the world?

Is similar to the aircraft boost mod?

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I’m just wondering why the function is even there? - Looks like I’m off out flying this afternoon :rofl:

I’m may take the M2Z and see how close I can get to it with the Cygnet - what could possibly go wrong?


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Well, because once you’ve switched from CE to FCC and the novelty has worn off, boost is the next logical step :wink:


Does that work with the latest firmware? Not had a chance to update.

Also have you seen they are about to release updated foams that may actually fit someone’s face!


Yup :+1:

I didn’t see much of a difference to be honest - I think I was getting interference from the Mavic :man_facepalming:

Aye there is definitely a noticeable gap around the sides - it hasn’t bothered me too much as I use my FXT vipers open, (without the shroud) so I can do LOS whilst wearing them.

The footage from the M2 this afternoon is like playing a really, really hard version of spot the ball :slight_smile: