Dji fpv (air unit compilation) flights in the hills of wales with 7 inch drone

hello again, here is a compilation of some recent flights made with my 7 inch drone. I hope some might find it interesting.

It is not go pro quality but I have discovered by up-scaling in a video editor (like shotcut) from 1080p to 4k before uploading I can prevent youtube compressing the life out of the air unit recording which is nice.


Very nice, thanks for sharing.

Really Great, exactly the kind of footage in looking to produce as soon as I get my air unit set up…(just ordered the DJI goggles, controller and air unit)

Do you still use the AU for control or crossfire?

Beautiful !

Awsome flight on a great landscape. Pilot and drone deserve a 4K camera :video_camera: The ridge trail looks like something I’d like to hike too, where is that ?

Bet you enjoyed flying that

thanks for the kind comments. I still use the air unit with the dji controller.

Really enjoyed that footage, thanks for sharing :+1:t2:

Nice landscape