Dji fpv firmware issue

Hi, I’m having a problem with my fpv. Connecting my android phone to the goggles I updated the firmware to v01. 02.0020 I see that the drone has been updated, but the controller is on v01. 02.2000. If I connect the phone to the controller it says its not connected? Could I please ask for your expert help please?

First of all have you tried rebinding your controller to the Drone?? I would suggest doing this before your try what I’ve written below.

Secondly, are you sure your controller FW is 01.02.2000 and not actually 01.02.000, which was the last FW issued for the controller. If you’ve recently connected to the DJI Fly APP ,i.e in the last two weeks, DJI are now preventing you from using your FPV drone until you revert to 01.02.015. This is to prevent users rolling back the firmware and using APPS such as Drone Hacks to enable FCC mode and disable the NFZ database.

If you are still on 01.02.020 on your drone you could try rolling back to the earlier version of 01.02.000 using the Drone-Hacks Desktop APP. If you decide to try this I would recommend downloading the Dronedanks FW downloader tool rather than trying to do a direct download from the Drone-Hacks APP as the connection isn’t the greatest at the moment.

To use the Drone-Hacks desktop APP to rollback firmware you don’t need to purchase a Hack.
You can find the APP here:

The Dronedanks FW downloader tool is here:

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Hi Nidge, my mistake with the controller fw. It’s the version that was released that is showing as installed. The reason I checked in the first place was due to a problem I experienced on Saturday. Check for updates, charge batteries and off to some waste ground for a fly. Visual drone check and took off to a height of 2 meters to test the controls etc before going any further. I noticed the drone kicked left a foot from its hover position, just like I’d quickly moved the control stick!? It did the same thing again afterwards. Keeping the drone close to me I flew it around and had no further issues like fighting the sticks for control. But at hover it just kicks left sometimes. I thought best not to continue flying and look for solutions, starting with fw. Thank you for your valued help. Have you ever experienced or heard anything this happening?

I can’t say I’ve experienced this issue with the FPV drone, but I have come across a similar symptom with other drones. If we discount poor GPS lock and not enough light for the visual positioning system to function properly (assuming you’re flying in Normal or Sport mode) we could presume that the drone is receiving unwanted instructions from the controller. This is usually caused by dirt in the stick potentiometers or an incorrectly calibrated controller. If it’s a relatively new drone, which most DJI FPV drones are, I’d go with the second cause.

You can calibrate the controller from within the goggle’s on screen menu.

A hint about calibrating the sticks. A lot of people when doing stick calibrations incorrectly move the sticks in a circular motion, this is very wrong. What you need to do is move one stick at a time to its furthest position in a straight line, first up then return to its centre position, then down and back to its centre position. Do the same for the left and right. Moving the sticks in a circular motion means the centre position of the stick does not get recorded properly and can produce jitter when the sticks are at rest. This is difficult to visualise with the FPV controller but those of us whom use hobby RC controllers will see this as a continuously changing value on the outputs screen of our controller or in the Betaflight (software we use to configure our FPV Quads) receiver tab.

If this does not work and there is some sort of contamination (dirt) in the stick’s potentiometers, rather than take the radio apart and start squirting switch cleaner all over the place I would return the quad and controller to DJI if it is still under warranty.

It was a Xmas gift from the Mrs. She even got a proper case to put it in. I’ve only used it twice, mainly due to the weather or her not being able to go with me to observe. I’ll give the calibration a go once I get home from work. Without your expert knowledge I would have made the mistake of using a circular motioned attempt at it and probably it would have made things worse. Thank you so much for your help, I really do appreciate it. I will let you know how the drone responds.

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You can’t use drone hacks for firmware update/downgrade as it’s not compatible at the moment.

Not sure how you are going to do it unless you can re flash the firmware with assistant.

I did it yesterday evening using the DroneDanks download tool to acquire the 01.02.000 FW and then Drone-Hacks desktop APP, V1. 25, to install the FW. To enable the local file option I had to log out of the Drone-Hacks application.

I wasn’t able to use the Assistant Software as it only offered the 01.02.015 FW.

Well that kicks me in that face then :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Not tried this on the FPV but it works on the mini 2

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not there for the fpv

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DJI FPV V01.02.0015 Stealth Update - Full Overview & Questions Answered - YouTube watch this…

Well I got back from work and calibrated the controller. Set up the Fpv and went through its motions. It didn’t miss a beat! I was toying with the idea of using the motion controller, but I’m not brave enough for that yet! Have any of you got any tips on using this! Middle of a field to start with, but is this something that’s recommended for experienced users?
Thank you for your very valued support and instructions which cured the problem. Very well done to you

Make sure you have somewhere flat to land it , it’s a bitch to get down manually if it decides the ground is unsuitable

Apart from that it’s very easy.

Thanks for the tip, I’ll build up the courage to try it out!

Honestly, Just go for it. It’s really easy to control especially with the motion controller.

It’s an expensive toy but the motion controller is so intuitive (point and shoot).

I gave it to my friend and girlfriend without any experience and they had no problem. My friend even went into sport mode straight away. All I’ll say is it’s fast so find an open area and stay away from the ground.
Enjoy, it’s so much fun.

You’re right, just crack on and do it is probably the best approach. I’ll give it a go this weekend if the Mrs isn’t working, she’s my look out! - otherwise it’s the air 2s out for a buzz around again!