DJI FPV or Mini2 + FPV drone

Hi, new here but been very occasionaly flying a Parrot Bebop2 sometimes with FPV goggles, which has performed flawlessly but with 2 frustrations :slight_smile:

  1. It’s too large to take everywhere, on hikes and particularly when flying abroad
  2. Although I always fly in line of sight, the limited range of the remote means it loses signal too early for my liking.

Of course, I’ve got the DJI FPV on the wish list but not sure it’s much better at packing for travel than the Parrot. So was thinking of getting the Mavic Mini2 for travelling and hiking as well as a regular FPV rig, maybe with a pair of DJI air unit to dabble with accro flying, then the question is which one ?

Am I over thinking it and should just go for the DJI FPV?

Thanks for any view !

Be aware that the dji fpv quad will not go above a certain height from take off. Which may be a problem if you want to dive a mountain top on your travels. @speatuk i’m sure can offer more insight.

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The FPV Drone has a maximum service ceiling of 6000m above sea level (see attached)

It depends upon what you want and how much you are wanting to carry. If the bebop was too big, I know it weighs nearly twice the weight as the FPV, but the FPV has approximately the same size footprint. With the extra batteries you would need, the goggles (yes you need goggles anyway for any FOV) the controller (same) I would go for a M2 if it’s hiking your doing.


Thanks both, indeed leaning towards the mini2 for its portability and features but about accro flying, I am nowhere near doing mountain diving flights :upside_down_face: I’ll start with a beta FPV whoop and probably go for something like the chimera 4 HD or the DJI FPV if I feel I still want the Mavic type of flying in one package

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I loved my bebop 2 and it reminds me a little of the dji fpv.
It was punchy but about half of the speed of the dji fpv but with terrible fpv goggles in comparison.

Anyway I’ve now got a dji mini 2 and a tinyhawk freestyle(fpv) and love them.

I’d recommend that would be a great combination if needing to have something , light, portable and fun

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I have both. The Mini 2 and the FPV. Definitely the mini for travelling and aerial photography, can pack away into the small carry case and into your carry-on.

The FPV, being larger and heavier, is better for just scooting around at high speed from a cockpit point of view.


I got a betafpv advanced kit 2 and loving learning acro with it. Thanks @Howard78 for the suggestion, looks awsome, I was not aware of that one. Does it have good range ? dronecamp talks about 200m. What kind of flying do you do? Did you get it for freestyle ?

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The range is around 150m ish.

Here’s the kit I bought EMAX 🦅 TinyHawk II Freestyle FPV Drone (RTF Bundle) – Unmanned Tech UK FPV Shop

However I’ve quickly upgraded the goggles and tx

I’m also adding in crossfire to extend the range.

In terms of flying style im still learning and don’t have a particular style as such. Just love flying it.

Hi whats the tinyhawk 2 video quality like. I’d like to learn fpv more for action video fly close gaps and such. Obviously when I can fly it well. Would this be the drone? Don’t really want to spend all the cash for dji fpv. Thanks

On closer inspection, it seems its a similar kit to mine but the quad looks quite a bit better, especially the camera. Good choice ! I think I’ll start looking at upgrading the goggles and the radio next.

The quality is pretty good. I’ve just swapped out my vtx antenna and it’s made a good improvement.
I’ll post a video shortly so you can see and tag you in it.

As I said I’m upgrading my tiny hawk for better quality and increased range by adding in crossfire but it’s pretty good out of the box

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Thanks Howard that would be great. For me been new to this and only flown dji it would just be as it comes out the box for me. Thanks

No problem. I was exactly the same until recently.

I’ve flown more basic quads many years ago but nothing like this.

Just takes patience and delicate work on the controls.

Nearly rang you yesterday @Neil79 to come down and meet us all.

You can have a DJI FPV play next time I see you.

@Howard78 is really good on the controls :wink:


Should of done. Mind you had lad at football in afternoon. When you next free?

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Thanks, @milkmanchris - I’ve still got a lot to learn

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