DJI FPV Racing Drone

I came across this article…

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if this helps drive innovation and people into the hobby it can only be a good thing.

DJI will have to accept that FPV pilots repair their own kit and at the field too, the’ll have to come up with a drone that takes crashes and easy to repair without costing an arm and a kidney.

Care refresh is dead in this venture, FPV pilots don’t wait for 2 or 3 weeks to have someone do the repairs.


I’ve read the article and from the descriptions I’m not sure they are drawing the right conclusions that it’s a drone.

a “DJI FPV Air Unit,” “DJI FPV Remote Controller,” and “DJI FPV Goggles”

To me “DJI FPV Air unit” sounds more like a flight controller or VTX/Receiver combo.

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Well,either way,if it IS a complete drone package,i think if DJI do the following,they may be onto a winner.
1 drone needs to be of a module design ,with easy and quick to replace parts.2 it needs to be sensibly priced.3 they will need to make sure parts are available easily.4 Add to that a decent rc/receiver transmitter(ocusync) ?? and i think these would “fly off the shelf’s”:rofl::rofl::rofl::grinning:

Like THIS?

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