DJI FPV, RC Club Lawn Mower Chase Flight

I’ve had six flights so far with this drone and I’m very happy with it, It’s the first FPV drone that I feel ticks most of what I want from FPV flying.

I’m yet to play with the settings for manual flight, I’m in no harry though as I get used to the feel of it. I feel completely relaxed flying this drone as it has such well thought out safety features. I’m realising just how rusty my FPV skills have become compared to my VLOS skills.

I flew it on Sunday, I didn’t wear gloves as I find it hard to feel the stick, it’s apparent where the video does a huge tilt as I came of the pitch stick; the wind chill was -2.

I enjoyed flying as low as 0.5Mt at a steady pace, thanks to the downward sensors, personally I’d like the HUD to display low altitude in the middle bottom of the screen. I think DJI not including an artificial horizon while flying in ‘M’ and ‘S’ mode was an oversight but may come with a future update.

I score this drone a 90% only because the batteries are well over priced, I knew within minutes of my first flight that I want another 3 batteries.

My conclusion
This drone is just the ticket for both the hot blooded and the well rounded matured individuals, I’m loving this drone it’s a perfect bridge between my Inspire 2 and Maic Pro and completely replaces all my other FPV drones, fixed wing and multirotor I’ve built over the years. The camera is adequate for 4K FPV footage but was never built to compete with the X5S, X7, M2P but has completely shuttered my analogue experience.

This flight is in Full Auto D-Cine like, LUT DJI M+Log to Rec 709 at 24%. I’ll test manual setting for colour grading next time I’m out. I’ll also upload the Normal Colour flight from Sunday later.


I’m sure there’s a backhanded compliment in there somewhere.

Great review Lance, I’m loving it too, brings back those first exciting flights when I first started out (and I’m still very new to this compared to a lot of you chaps)