DJi GO 4 App on Android

Hi : have a iPhone 11 max which have the DJI Go 4 App for my Mavic Air : I also have slightly old Samsung galaxy phone , so I thought I try my Mavic on this for.a change : so on the play store BUT can’t find or not on there the DJI Go 4 App ?? There others DJI Apps on there. so is my phone to old ? Or looking in the wrong place ? Have a friend who has even older phone than mine … and he can get the App . Arrrr what going on

Steve , London


You have to go to the DJI website download page to get the latest version. They do not seem to be updating Play Store

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You are confusing the Fly app with the Go4 app … two different apps for different models.
The latest Go4 app is still on the Google Play site … as that link shows.

Just double checking you’re looking on the Google Play app store, and not the default Galaxy App store? (as they’re two very different things)

Dave’s link above should take you to the right place, I don’t think Samsung block or redirect the Google store, do they?

Or the Amazon app store :grimacing:

Hi : not sure . All it say play store on phone
Can’t see Google play store . But I will do another check. Thanks

Nope : there is a go App but not for my Mavic air
As it list other Mavic drones ( but not my one )

Thanks for reply :: keep searching

On your Samsung, just click on the link in the post above and it will open the necessary page to install.

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Do you have the Mavic Air, or the Mavic Air 2?

I have the Mavic Air

Then that link is the correct one for you.

This link.

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Hi ok thanks

The App says Mavic pro … I have just the Mavic Air
Will that be ok ? Thanks again. Steve

There is only one Go4 app - and that’s the one for the Mavic Air.

I think there are a couple of other models that they don’t specify … for whatever reason.

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Thank you . Be very helpful

The DJIGO4 APP is compatible with:
Mavic Pro
Mavic Pro 2
Mavic Air
Phantom 4

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Hi Again

Well just download the DJI Go from your link
Download ok … But won’t come on my android phone says ‘ unfortunately DJI Go has stopped ‘
( Report / Ok ) ?

That would suggest that there’s an app/phone compatibility issue.

There were some issues with a few of the Samsung models (The most popular Android devices with the most compatibility issues).

When I got my Spark I had a Samsung J5. The App would start to load then just crap out. If I remember rightly the trick was to start the APP, let it crap out, then restart the phone still with the controller and drone switched on and the OTG connected to the phone. Once the phone had restarted the APP would then run. I later acquired a Samsung S7 which didn’t have these issues.

I was thinking to purchase ( 2 hand ) Samsung S7
So should be ok to download DJI Go 4 on that phone and also be ok to change Transmission. From Europe CE to the USA FCC ( hack with fake GPS )