DJI GO Dynamic Home Point?


I downloaded the latest DJI Go app today.

Can anyone tell me what the Dynamic Home point does and why I would want to use it

Why would I want the drone to periodically update its Home point at the drones position?

Can it be turned off / on?


I think it’s for active track, so if you travel some distance away from the RTHP you don’t have to go back there

I think it uses your devices gps to update your home point


This sounds bonkers to me!

What if when it periodically updates the home point you’re half way across a lake or something?!

Hopefully you would be on a boat :slight_smile:

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Looks like it is for active track. It would RTH near where the object has travelled too rather than where you started tracking. I haven’t used it yet to see if it is optional. As you say - not great over water #splash

Don’t enable that option then?

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Lol, yeah, fair enough :smiley:

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Also make sure your viewing device has GPS

e.g. iPad Mini 4 (non-cellular) doesn’t unless you use a 3rd party GPS device such as a Garmin Glo