DJI Go Frequent Crashing iOS

For those experiencing frequent DJI Go crashes (for once on iOS and not Android), it should be fixed by updating to the latest release of iOS (11.2).

I haven’t tested this personally yet, but experienced very frequent crashes yesterday whilst flying on 11.1.2. However, according to DJI, this is because of an iOS bug now fixed in 11.2. I hope so as you frequently lose control of the camera, or Go crashes completely and will only run for a few seconds or minutes before crashing again and you lose your flight logs.

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I hate disconnects… scary times :worried:

Thanks for sharing the cure though!

Was it genuinely an iOS bug rather than a GO4 bug??

it was a bit of both. update to GO4 wasn’t stable with the previous version of iOS 11.

thankfully it’s sorted, disconnected in flight over whitby harbour the other day… i nearly f**kin died.

Oh yeah, I’ve been there!!

Why do disconnects always happen over water?! They never happen when you’re just 20ft away :rofl:

i’d just been showing the fecking thing off as well.

and then click… she’s gone