DJI GO4 phone compatibility list for UK flyers?


I tend to use the computer at home - sync the mission to my normal phone and send the mission file over by Bluetooth.

That now makes sense… thanks!

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On Android, the mission files are held in :

Internal Memory/Litchiapp/Missions/__Users/(YourUserID)/

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Oh - and I can tweak the missions on my phone-phone if I need the map background.

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I’ve not heard of these before, just checking them out. How bright are they for use outside and will they run Go4 with no issues?

You can pre load them at home. Just open the app while connected to the internet and open the map within the app. Zoom in as much as you can to the areas you’ll be flying at. Now you can go offline and the map should be there.

Yes, you most certainly can.
But the discussion was around the fact that I never connect my drone-phone to the internet.

Wileyfox - indeed, not a massively well known phone brand.
An interesting company - “totally” British at inception (manufacturing somewhere in the far east) trying to do a UK version of OnePlus (albeit more mid price-range), but had financial issues (beginning of 2018) and has since been bought out and continues healthily …. as far as one can perceive.

“How bright” is a difficult one to answer …. it’s a bit of a “How long is a piece of string” issue.

I have to say I’ve never had problems - other than in the kind of situations anyone probably would have - even CS owners - with the Southern Italian sun near overhead and directly on the screen.

The Storm (the older, but better and larger screened phone) is no longer available. But it’s the one I’ve used for over 95% of my MP flying (including the bright sunshine of Sicilia and the extreme south of the Italian mainland). And it’s also the one that I don’t have any intention changing for use with the MP for as long as possible.
For a long time I had another Storm as my phone-phone, too. (Long story that … )

The (still available) Swift 2x was a replacement for a warranty issue with one of my Storm (out of warranty screen replacement [I dropped it on concrete] went weird within the repair warranty period - and they had no more new screens … it was getting a bit long in the tooth by then).
The Swift works superbly with Go4 and Litchi - I’ve used a couple of times just to check in case my drone-phone suddenly went tits-up. The only issue with it was the smaller screen - not so much for Go4/Litchi (for me), but just generally as a smart phone - we (I) use them for so much!
I’m not sure they do a phone, currently, with the larger screen size.

Their current phones are all more than capable of running Go4/Litchi - and generally excellent value for money - but whether other aspects of their specs would suit is a personal thing, of course.

Just bought a Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 cheap and secondhand.
Absolutely amazing. No SIM card in it, WiFi off, maps cached, 6” screen that’s super bright outside (looks as bright as my iPhone X). Plugged it into the side port on the controller with zero issues.
Very happy with this so far, only flew 300m thanks to the hurricane blowing outside though!
Did the firmware update on the bird and the controller using the Xiaomi with zero issues. One thing I did notice was the GPS lock was near instant - pretty much ready to fly as soon as the Go4 app was launched. The iPhone would take around a minute or two to get a good GPS signal, decent enough to fly safely.


I am considering getting a Samsung Galaxy S7 purely for the Air. Leaving my phone free as a phone etc.

Has anyone used an S7 with the GO4 app?

I am a Sony fan !
I have the New Sony Xperia XA2, and its previous model, (the X), all work fine with Go4.
Also use my Ipad Air, and a Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet.
And all work fine with ALL my Drones (P2V+. P3A, P4, Mavic Pro, Mavic Air, Mavic 2 Pro)

I have an iPhone 7 Plus and it only works if I put the phone into Airplane mode. If I don’t then about 20 seconds in the screen just goes black and I get no vision. I can still fly but I can’t see anything :frowning:

Googled this extensively and appears to be a common problem with other iPhone users - tried everything from different cables, using the full USB port on the controller, reinstalling the app etc. Only thing that works is disabling all connectivity on the phone (after maps has loaded and GPS lock of course!)

That’s weird Sam
I have iPad Pro, iPad and iPhone 7s connected and all work flawlessly
Ok this will sound stupid but have you reinstalled the go4 app
Which network provider do you use
Could be something in the mobile/WiFi settings

I’ve never had my iPhone 7 do that, I’ve been using it for the last year or so and never an issue.

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When I googled it seemed to be specific to the 7 plus, this was about a year ago.

It’s deffo something to do with mobile/WiFi settings because it doesn’t happen in airplane mode, and yeah I’ve reinstalled the app a couple of times now but same issue :frowning:

On Vodafone fwiw. I haven’t tried individually turning off cellular/WiFi/Bluetooth so could be a combination or just one of them causing the issue. Will play around next time I take it out

Yeah it’s also not consistent with all devices which would point towards a software issue rather than hardware

I used to run a Wileyfox Swift X and unloke the name it wasn’t swift but it ran am GO4 just fine.

Now on an Honor 10 and also no problems a d it’s much zippier than the prior.

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