DJI insisted drone-tracking AeroScope signals were encrypted — now it admits

Not sure if that is any concern to “normal” people, but I thought this might be of interest to some.

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Veeeerrrry interesting…

Another reason why I want to veer away from DJI, fast becoming the “Apple” of the drone industry with their misleading statements and dodgy marketing.

This goes beyond a dislike for Apple, this is them having a product (that a load of us own) that can be tracked easily.

Probably not my MP, though Chances are the firmware pre-dates this shite.

I’m not too sure Dave, I’m sure that signal that goes from you to it isn’t encrypted, or if it is they can get at it (if they close enough to you).

I know DJi is meant to be a private company but I wouldn’t trust the Chinese government at all, I wouldn’t be surprised if there wasn’t some way they can actually get access to images, flight routes etc from the drones flight data centre. They do like to steal info.

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:man_facepalming: Time to wrap my bird in foil to keep the signals in then….:roll_eyes:


Following on from the post the other day about spy drones near nuclear facilities, I doubt they are Chinese spies, they just wait for some numpty auditor to do their job for them :rofl:

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For those of you that may have sleep disorders, here are two links detailing the deconstruction of the Ocusync 2.0 system. The first link is to a PDF document that details the analysis performed by some White Hats last year. They were not too successful as they had limited RF knowledge and limited hardware. The second link is to the exploit referenced in the Verge article.