Dji log files from the go app software

I wanted to pick peoples brains about exactly what is contained in the log files that i extracted from the dji go software folder via itunes.

dji tech requested it in relation to the ipad mini 2 2nd gen not showing any conection with
the controller or the drone itself on version 3.1.60 but works fine on my older ipad thats not supported on version 3.1.54 ? anyway my question is inside the log files what is the language used and is there anyway i can read it as it looks like some kind of php or something that looks totally alien?


can i upload the logs anywhere to view what it says?

thanks for any answers guys

Luckily, you’ve not got an M2 P/Z … I believe the data from those hasn’t been hacked … in over a year.

Other DJI drones …

.log files … I believe only DJI can read them.

.txt files … AirData, CSVView / DatCon, PhantomHelp Log Viewer

.DAT files … same DatCon as above.

AirData … even with a free account (last 100 flights accessible - you can log your flights, get total distances, etc, for all your flights, and for each flight you get loads of other info, replay flights, tracks, battery info, signal levels during flight, export as .csv data, or as .kml, .gpx tracks.

PhantomHelp - You upload the data to them, you can view tracks and some other data, and dlownload .csv data and .kml tracks.

CSVView / DatCon - install the apps on your PC (only) more geeky, less intuitive interface, but you can get overlaid graphs of things, and export to .csv (and others ??, not used in ages.)

The .csv from AirData and PhantomHelp differ in the data columns they can export. As I recall, DatCon exports most columns.


Much appreciated for that info and will go have a look into what the small files say!

why do you think dji want the files? as the issue isnt flight related its hardware related?

i.e software not working with the ipad and the controller?

Cynicism = So they can find something you’ve done wrong to blame it on … even if totally unrelated.

My MP went back for a gimbal issue when using filters. They sent me a HUGE quote for replacing arms and motors saying it had been crashed (it hadn’t) and never looked at the gimbal.
(I never paid, they sent it back and it’s still OK. I rarely use filters.)

Less cynically …. there are some flags and error messages that might throw some light on the issue.

Also - as much info as the above can extract, there’s a chance that DJI have other info encoded that we can’t see. :man_shrugging:

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Seems to be strange ! i even sent them vids showing them the ipad mini not working and the version number of the go app ! Ive long been mistrusting of dji and know they will do anything to deflect the blame for anything ! well if the software works great one day then the go app is updated and then the software doesnt work its fair to say its the software? but it could be the drone the wifi the controller the cable the operator? or it may just be the software


Already mentioned by OzoneVibe but a bit more info here.
I used it a bit years ago but now have Airdata so don’t need it anymore.

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tried to install it on windows 10 but kept getting java errors so binned it. worth a try though buddy

Strange, still works on my W10 machine.

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couldnt get it to install so gave up? no idea why it wouldnt install! ive got a feeling that only dji can read the log files from the software?

No problem installing those apps on Win10 for me, either.

As already said.

But there are also .txt files from the app that can be … and the results have been posted by me and others on here many times.

Bearing in mind I’ve only just come accross file and to be honest it’s not that important I read it !
I was getting a java error so it was binned ! I’m glad you’ve got it working on your machine ! It doesn’t on mine !