DJI Mavic 2 Pro 2 vs Air 2S

Hi all. I’m new to this group and so thought I would introduce myself with a question. I have a Spark and I’m thinking about upgrading. Was looking at the Pro 2 but now wondering about the Air 2s. I haven’t flown much and do so purely for pleasure and as a photographer. I bought my Spark as I saw it as another way of getting photos and videos. I would ppreciate any recommendations.

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Hi Jenny

Welcome to the group. I’ve had a Spark for a number of years and when the DJI Mini was released I considered it a very poor replacement for the Spark. However the Mini2 is a great replacement if you don’t want to go the more expensive route of an Air2 or Mavic2.

Also consider that the Mavic2 is approaching its EOL in DJI terms. The Mavic Air2 S (now just known as the Air2S), has an updated camera with a 1inch sensor, if sensor size is important, a more advanced obstacle avoidance, and some software/firmware tricks.

I must admit that drone photography is not my main bag and I used the Spark, and subsequently the Mini2, more of a close in flying tripod than a whizzy long range video platform.

If you want compact and portable, with near free range ability to use anywhere, with reasonable image results then the Mini2 is great for this. If on the other hand if you want the benefits that a large sensor and more glass provides, but with some limitation as to where you can fly, I’d probably go with the Air2S over the Mavic2 primarily as the remaining love from DJI for the Mavic2 is way past the Honeymoon period.


Being the very proud owner of the Mavic 2 Pro, I would have to agree entirely with @Nidge . Very sound advice.


Also agreed.

If we ignore the firmware update last week for the battery bug, the last firmware update for the Mavic 2 was way back in July 2020. To put that time period in to perspective, the Mini 2 has received five firmware updates in just four months.

If these two drones are your only considerations @Jennyb then it’s another vote for the Air 2S from me.


And the last update (that I ignored :stuck_out_tongue: ) for the MP was only a few weeks after Custer’s Last Stand. LOL!

The longer time periods between updates for older models does make sense. But then, after a suitable period, one would hope that they’ve ironed out all the issues and there becomes no reason for further updates.

Of course, it may also mean they’ve forgotten about the model and moved on.
I wonder when that point is reached. :thinking:

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When all the YouTube influencers/grifters stop posting “1001 things you didn’t know about the DJI XXXXX”

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For my money it would be a second hand mavic 2 pro because they can now be found second hand normally with loads of extras at very good prices , I do like the air 2 s but you cannot get away from the thing that in 19 months time it becomes the same legacy drone as the M2p if they bring the new rules in on the set date . If I didn’t have any drone and wanted one I think the mini 2 flymore is a major player as it’s a lot cheaper and won’t be affected by the legacy drone thing saving you money for when the C classified drones become available.


I wouldn’t bet on that. If/when C drones get released the outlier that is the mini2 will be legislated into a category. As the proposed scheme is setup now, the mini2 will have less restrictions than the newer products.

Other than that I tend to agree. If you’re planning on keeping it more than 18 months, go down the 2pro route.

Agreed , I can see there might / May well be some changes to the mini 2 rules but it’s your best bet so far , let’s face it until it’s all done and dusted who knows what to do , I have my mavic 2 pro and a mini 2 , I’ve done the CAA registration and FPVUK CofC and the A2CofC to try to cover as many basis as possible but I will be waiting to buy any other new drone now until we get the C classification, I still absolutely love the M2P and I’ve more than had my money’s worth from that and the mini 2 is a fantastic little thing as it’s a lot more portable but I use it in the countryside much the same as the M2P , I don’t fly in built up areas or cities. For me I was prepared to take the risk on £500 for a couple of years flying but another £1100 for possibly less than 19 months is to much.

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This isn’t the first time I’ve heard this suggested. Is there any evidence to this effect, or is it a hunch based on the number of people buying the Mini 2 and the lack of any qualification required to fly it?

No evidence at all, just a guess. At the end of the transitional period a new C0 drone under 250g with a camera will need an “online test” (currently DMARES) whereas the legacy mini2 won’t. It’s an outlier in the legislation that would leave just one model in this unique position so is likely to be changed.

There’s plenty more than the M2 that fit the bill of under 250g with a camera

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Yup, but still an anomaly. I just can’t see “older” models being left with fewer restrictions than the newer model. Like I said, it’s a pure guess.

Not sure that is true - the registration requirements for a sub 250 gram drone with camera is the as the proposed rules for a C0 class drone with camera - both not being classed as toys - CAA ref below:

That’s registration. I’m referring to testing

I believe that document is out of date - CAP 2012 and the reference I quoted (which is current CAA issue) both indicate no online training and test. You only need an Operator ID.

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Thanks, something to think about as I hadn’t considered the mini.

Really helpful replies, thanks all. I think this confirms what I was already thinking, ie to get the Air 2s rather than a Pro 2.

I’m happy to be corrected

Its good news for all Mini owners :man_shrugging: :+1:

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