DJI Mavic 2 pro to mini 2

Has anyone done this move?

I’m considering selling the M2P and all the gubbins I’ve acquired for it to go to the mini 2 just for the sheer convenience of where it can fly. I do love the M2P and it’s photo/video quality, so…

  • Have you done it?
  • Thoughts, if you have?
  • Has anyone got a well exposed RAW file from a Mini 2 that I could download?
  • As above for 4k video

Having both is unlikely to be an option (but it’s tempting to go FPV too) and at least the left over cash could get me something else shiny.

Does this thread from 18 days ago help?

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  1. I didn’t post it, so obviously I prefer mine :wink:
  2. I’d really like to see the quality gap between them both.

About £1000


Arggh, it’s a right dilemma! :roll_eyes:
I would reeaally love to keep the Pro and buy a Mini 2 combo, but, I can’t sweet talk my other half in to agreeing to let me stump up £550! :frowning:
I love the idea of just about flying anywhere locally with a Mini 2, but also, when all this shit finally dies away and we can travel, I want to get back to regularly going over to the NW of Ireland and getting plenty of flying in over there.
Which would be the main reason I’d like to keep the Pro as the weather on the North Atlantic coast can, at most times, be a total bitch!
Would the Mini 2 get the shite beaten out of it!?
On eBay the Pro’s I’ve seen don’t seem to be selling, or should I say ‘not selling for what’s being asked for’ by the looks of it?
I’m sure I’d generally fly a lot more with a Mini 2 though, don’t seem to be getting out as much now with the Pro.
Anyway, it seems the answer to your question is no!
I’m still dithering!
Hmmmmm! :thinking::roll_eyes:

I’ve a M2P and a Mini 2 and I think the Mini 2 is just about on par with the M2P for video, but it’s no where near it in photographic terms. The images are good on the Mini 2 but not great, it’s not as sharp as the M2P. I love the quality of the larger RAW files from the M2P.
Here’s a Mini 2 RAW DNG -

I got the Mini 2 to be able to shoot in locations where I just can’t use the M2P.


I bought mini 2 and I have air 2 I’m well disappointed I’ve only flown mini once

I had a Mavic Pro which I sold and then bought the Mavic Mini 1 before selling that and moving on to the Mini 2. My main disappointment with the Mini 1 and 2 is the jpeg image quality, the Mavic Pro I could take the jpeg from the device and the quality of the images was always good, the mini 2 always leaves me slightly disappointed and I now tend to keep the raw file and edit that. As things stand I won’t be changing the Mini 2 just yet as it has that convenience of being lightweight and able to use it anywhere, hopefully in future upgrades they might address the image quality.

If you have, or intend to get, A2CofC with the intention of making some money I’d stick with the M2Pro, purely because it has a much more sophisticated and versatile imaging system.

If you just want to fly and get footage for your own enjoyment, show family and friends, post to YouTube, etc, then the Mini2 is more than capable. The image quality differences between the two models will be inconsequential to your target audience.

I’m an ex PfCO and current A2 holder. I do make money with it, but it’s not my living. Ideally I’d supplement the M2P with the mini 2 for those environments that are more built up but that’s a level of conversation in the home that won’t end well :grin:


Thanks for that

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Do what I did - go ahead and get it and if she asks tell her it cost £300 *:+1:

*Disclaimer: my wife hasn’t a clue about techie stuff or prices thereof so I got away with it. :smile: