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Hi All,
I notice that over the past couple of days the prices of the Mavic 2 Pro and Zoom have been dropping at many of the retailers. This could be pure stocking levels or a new/updated model due for release. Has anyone heard any rumours about a new Mavic 3 (or similar) release?


Rumours of a Mavic 3 probably started the day after the M2P/M2Z were officially announced. :wink:

I saw something specific about a Mavic 3 battery being tested about a month ago, though.

Autumn has been the release time of the M1P and M2P/M2Z, though. So, if there is an M3 on its way, I’d not expect it to be released before Oct/Nov.


Thanks for your thoughts. Good news for me as I am still juggling between a M2Z and Air 2 and now the price difference has shrunk by around £200 which eases my conscience


I also saw a rumour that it would have interchangeable camera/gimbal modules. :man_shrugging:

It’s easy to swap them on the M2 … between the P and the Z … but there was a suggestion that they’d seen a market for this - so making it a lot easier.

I’ve seen posts on here where people have sourced the other camera/gimbal so that they can swap between them.


That’s a good way to go - any idea on prices and presumably there would need to be a firmware update?

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I have the Mavic 2 Pro, and bought a Zoom camera from one of our members.
Swopping takes just a few minutes and a few small screws, 1 plug and you are in business !.


No firmware update required, simply swop and Go4 recognises the Zoom camera has been fitted straight away.


With DJI only very recently losing a a copyright case with Autel re the rotor blade attachment mechanism applicable to all DJI products with the exception of their latest, the Air 2, I suspect that DJI will be wanting to get rid of their ‘old’ stock, ie everything before the Air 2, to prevent legal action or paying Autel further massive amounts of money.

This will leave the Air 2 and the rumoured Mavic 3 their only currently available to buy new items in the very near future.

Consequently I suspect their current stock of the ‘older’ products will all be reducing in price in the near future, not just the Mavic 2. Just my opinion based on recent events.


Is this not just part of the annual DJI “Father’s Day” sales? :man_shrugging:

The Zoom version is now £949 at Currys, same price less 5% at Jessops = £901.55

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how do you get the 5% extra at Jessops - is it a club discount? - sorry just seen the discount “DJIEVENT” on their web site.

Mavic 2 soon with smart controller £1359 jessops and 0% 12months seems good and 5% discount


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As always there is a plethora of ideas and info going around as too what the new beast will be like.
Come across an article earlier posted few days ago that was suggesting they might go down the Micro Four Thirds route with the sensor.
This is interesting but its considerable bigger than a 1inch sensor fitted to the MP2.
Now if they stick with Hasselblad for this then this could be quite a game changer in the non commercial drone sector.
Its a compromise between what we have and a full size sensor. Pixel wise Im hoping they don’t go down the numbers route but instead give us a broader range of light gathering ability.
Im curious as to how physically big the camera unit will be if they do.
Maybe options for interchangeable lenses.
Personal I predict something in between this and what we have now but with clip on camera units or interchangeable lenses.


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I definitely agree on the pixel numbers point.

My flying buddy works with a company associated with DJI and hears things, but has no news yet. He knew about the Air 2 coming, but no detail.

He bought an Air 2 and says (as a photographer), that the 12MP photos are more useable to him, as the have a better dynamic range than the 48MP shots, which don’t hold the highlights and shadows in the same way at all.

I personally can’t see a much bigger sensor / camera on a Mavic, as the size and weight will swamp the body.

A Zenmuse X5 is a fair bit bigger than the X3 from what I can see, so even a purpose built fixed lens MFT camera will be a lump.
The ‘Hasselblad’ 1" camera has a 16mm diagonal on the sensor, and MFT is 23mm, and will be about twice the size area wise.
Add in a lens that is large enough to adequately cover the bigger sensor and not vignette, will make it quite bulky.

Like everyone else, I await the Mavic 3 generation with interest, and anticipation. In the meantime I’ll continue to learn my skills on my original Pro until I can graduate to a 3 that is better for photos than what I have.

Interchangeable camera modules would be great, Autel have that lined up, wait and see!

Interesting too that Yuneec have paired up with Leica (like Huawei have) for the 1" camera on the Typhoon H3, that may push DJI to extend the Hasselblad tie in.

A lot of Leica’s digital technology is in tandem with Panasonic, as they didn’t want (couldn’t afford?) to develop their own capability for creating digital camera ‘innards’, so did a deal with Panasonic getting Leica lens technology for Lumix and electronics in return.

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I was a beta tester for GoPro (on the karma) I was flying one around about 18 months before the first leaks hit the web.

They keep this shit to themselves believe me, the M3P will have been around a good year already amongst the beta teams.



That’s really interesting, I’m surprised it was in Beta that far ahead of release.

I know very little of the Karma, other than things didn’t go well ad it was dropped rapidly.

Do DJI have a particular life cycle? I wondered if technology moves so fast, they’d be adding stuff as they go.

Annoyingly, I can’t say who my friend works for, but although they are associated with DJI, they don’t get much coming their way, it’s all tightly kept in.

He can get a 10% discount off RRP on new kit, not sure if that is a great concession TBH.

He bought online in the end, his M2P has a faulty lens, so he wanted somewhere he could chuck it back easily if the MA2 was not good too.

I guess if anyone here was Beta testing we’d not know as they’d be up their eyes in NDA red tape.

If you are, you can tell us, we’re very discreet :wink:

Considering Argos and John Lewis staff get 20% it’s pretty shit