DJI Mavic Air 2 - Aircraft not connected!

Flying today and suddenly get the message…

Aircraft not connected to RC

I had to change my boxers back home, but any idea why this might have happened?

I hit return to home and it responded - thankfully!

Did a quick search on the interwebby, but it seemed to relate to being on the ground - not 200 feet up!!

This was in the logs as well as “Aircraft not connected to RC. RC not connected to mobile device” but the controller was connected to the phone just fine.

Any thoughts…

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Probably the cable connection from phone to remote Ian. Does your phone have a case on it by any chance? Often the case stops the connector from pushing in fully. If not try a new cable mate :+1:t2:


Cable was fully connected as I checked this.

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It’s always gonna come back, well mostly

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Being a new drone pilot it was a worry.

First solo flight as well :joy:

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Is your phone in a case though Ian?

Lots of variables, where were you ?

A very thin silicone one.

Maybe that’s the reason.

Not had it before and the issue went away, but I will double check next time.


The drone was above me at around 150 feet.

Nothing obvious around to give interference.

Unless it was a passing car.

Hopefully will not happen again.

Directly above?

within maybe 5 feet, yes

There probably is your problem.

If you had your controller at 45 degrees (optimal for viewing) the drone being directly above you is out of the range of the RC.

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every day is a learning day!

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Lots of possibilities. Some already covered. Another is temperature related.
How cold was it. A lot of drones and controllers are not built with military spec components so they are not certified to work below zero although some do.
I have 2 Mavic pros (gen 1). One of them does similar things to your own when it gets down to zero, the other is fine. Christmas eve was a perfect example.
I get the same warning as you. Then Go4 drops back to the start screen with the enter device option. Then it changes to Go Fly. By then the drone is heading for home but it can be stopped so I did, and experimented for a while in open space. It looks at though the controller is the most likely suspect but it could still be the usb interface between the controller and the phone so I will swap the android phone for the ipad mini next icy morning and see if things change. Meantime I suggest respectfully that you consider this when you choose your flight plan and RTH altitude. You don’t want to be flying underneath wires when it happens, and watch your drone try to climb to RTH altitude right through the wires. For interest sake alone, my platinum gives me the problem. My Alpine white never has.

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Thanks all.

Just got my logs.

I was at 183.4 ft and 71 ft away. So not as overhead as suspected.

I continued for another 20 minutes and then returned for 25 minutes later in the day in the same location.

A bit odd and one that I will review.

But then why would RTH work if the controller isn’t connected to the aircraft?

Am still learning… :joy:

4.5 degrees was the temperature

The RTH point is held in the drone

So as long as you set the home point all is good , switch off the RC mid flight to test

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Although we don’t know the drone, assuming it’s DJI then as well as RTH held in the drone, if it disconnects from the RC then it heads home. This behaviour can be changed in the app but home is the default

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ah, okay

DJI Air 2

It’s at times like this you realize adrenalin is brown…
When I sat my practical test as part of my PFCO, the examiner gave me lots of great learning points, but one exercise I wont forget is we took the drone out to the legal limit of 500M, and then he asked my to turn OFF the RC. I did this and after a few seconds the drone automatically kicked in the RTH process _ we could see it flying back, then at about 100M away, he asked my to restart the RC, and I regained full connectivity and control, like you I experienced a brown moment !!

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