DJI Mavic Air 2 ND filters

Is it worth buying the other set of Dji nd filters nd4 nd8 and nd32, or not using the ones the fly more combo came with and just get a different set, i don’t want another nd16 if the dji ones is just as good

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Isn’t the real wisdom which ones are you finding that you frequently need but don’t have?

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I ordered these from amazon not used as yet due to living under a rain cloud (Manchester)

these any good ? as torn between them or the polarplus ones

They seem to work, but i am no photographer, they allow me to dial in camera settings easy

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haha same here did many years ago play around with my cannon SLR 450D abit rusty but think i could get my understanding of manual settings bk although have not seen and polarised lenses for the mavic air 2

Has anybody used an aftermarket filter on the Mavic air2 , I’ve tried the ND filters supplied with the combo pack and find them very fiddly to fit.
I’ve seen adjustable ND and polarising filters and was wondering what the quality was like.
Also the frame you remove to fit the filter is " just a frame " the lens is unprotected , when I dabbled with SLR photography it was common practice to fit a skylight filter to reduce lens damage , I believe it was a UV filter and was thinking of fitting one permanently In place of the frame to offer lens protection …any experience or suggestions on this subject most welcome

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I too was surprised to see the standard ‘filter’ was in fact just a frame. There was I looking at it, trying to see a reflection, thinking ‘wow that’s one clean filter lens’’ until I poked my finger right through LOL.
Polar pro ND CP vivid are what I have been using on a MA2 and they seem to be doing OK for me as I fly over water a lot.

I’m looking for some reasonably priced filters. Bought couple from amazon but none of them click in like the dji ones do, dropped couple in flight