DJI Mavic Air Fly More Combo (Flame Red), Orig.Box, many extras (eg.7 batts) [SOLD]

Hi all - would like to offer this up here (also on a certain auction site :wink: in case any one’s interested ?
You know the specs, so won’t bore folk :grin:

Mavic Air 1 in Flame Red
Fly More Combo (3 batteries)
Power-adapter / UK mains-cable
4-battery balance-charger
Battery-to-USB adapter
Remote Controller plus spare control-sticks
Prop-guards (currently fitted) + spare props + gimbal-shield
DJI travel-bag + carry-case
All original cables/adapters - Lightning/micro-USB/USB-C etc
All original documentation
Original Box


a) Extra FOUR (4x) batteries - so SEVEN in total !
b) 2x 3-battery LiPo fireproof storage-bags
c) 64Gb Toshiba Exceria U3 fast micro-SD card (+ SD adapter)
d) 2-way battery car-charger (2x 4.1A) - ideal when out/about
e) Spare set of prop-guards (never used)
f) Boxed set of 6 Filters (unused) & usage-guide - UV/CPL/ND4-8-16-32
g) Set of clip-on feet-extenders (for rough-ground)
h) Foldable parabolic signal-booster (never used, range/stability is so good)
(2 supplied, a duplicate-order)
i) Alloy adjustable tablet-holder for controller - takes tablets up to 17cm deep
j) Adjustable padded clip-on neck-lanyard for tablet-holder
k) Silicone jacket on controller (used since day#1, easily removed)
l) Rigid zipped carry-case (holds controller with sticks attached)
m) 20mb of useful files (inc. the full user-manual) - on the Toshiba card

The Mavic is 2-1/2 yrs old
In that time, has only been flown for c.9hrs / 52km / 79 flights
(and a dozen of those ‘flights’ were to get battery-specs / do test-flights for this listing!)

Battery-stats as per pics
All cells in all batteries in A1 condition
The 7 batteries have been charged 5-19 times

It’s currently in FCC mode (for range/stability :slight_smile:
If you want to revert to CE mode, just accept OK at connection
Check 'web for difference between the two & how/why to enable/disable

Reason for selling - not used much recently (but bizarrely upgrading :thinking: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: )
I’m a gadget freak - so sue me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
No scratches/marks/cracks/uneven flying, immediate linking & strong signal
Please see pics - they form an integral part of the description
Sensible offers considered
Sent securely-packed & insured via signed-for Courier

Looking for £650 ovno plus £10 carriage - a lot of kit for the money
(up for £665 on 'said site :wink:)
Cash preferred (based in Northumberland - can also refund postage)
Otherwise PayPal is good (DM for details)

Thanks for reading !

Hi all (can’t see how to edit my listing :thinking:)
Think I was a bit optimistic re: price :roll_eyes: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: even with all the bits thrown in. Accordingly have taken off the ‘site’ mentioned for now, but am prepared to consider offers of £575 ovno plus carriage here at GADC. Thanks again for reading :grinning:

Hi all
Re-listed on FleaBay (a promo :slight_smile: up there at £520 plus p/p. However, esteemed readers here …£490 ovno, and here it includes signed-for courier :slight_smile: Thanks for reading

Something worth noting - the Mavic Air weighs less than 500 grams even if you fit propguards and a couple of strobes.

And, with an A2 CofC and/or with Article 16 Authorisation, the sub 500 gram class has a great range of freedoms denied to heavier aircraft like the rest of the Mavic range.

Check it out at Good 2 Go

If I didn’t already have a Mavic Air and 6 batteries … :frowning:

Thanks for flagging that up @macspite :+1:. Forgot that just because it’s over 250g , that’s it. Hopefully someone will have a nibble :crossed_fingers:. Based near Chatton, Northumberland too, in case anyone wants to have a look- see :grinning:

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Hi all
Up on FleaBay at £445 (relisted due to timewasters). They’re still coming out of the woodwork :roll_eyes: so I’m happy to take £425 (inc. signed-for courier, here) here on GADC :pray: from someone who knows what they’re after & what it’s worth :+1:

Hi all, MA1 now >SOLD< via FleaBay to a ‘normal’ bidder :sweat_smile: :grin:. Thanks to any who read it & may have ben interested. Accordingly if Moderator could delete this thread please, thanks !

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Updated the title of the post to indicate it’s now sold. Thanks for the update :slight_smile: