DJI Mavic controller with iPhone 6S +


Anyone using a iPhone 6+ with their MP2 controller, if so, is it ok?

Got one on my desk with a smashed screen, all working otherwise and was thinking of replacing the screen and only using it for my controller


Looking the DJI list it’s still supported, but maybe the next one to slip off the list.

I had a 6s that lagged and struggled with my MP.

Updated to XS and no issues at all

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If that is the case then I probably won’t bother buying a screen for it, will continue to use my S10+

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I used a 6s with my MP when I first got it and was happy with it. Never had any issues otger than the phone turning off on very cold days. Battery was a bit old at the time.
I was thinking of upgrading to a iphone 6+ as it had a brighter screen.

Iphones don’t seem to use up much of the phone or controllers batteries while in use which is why I prefer them over my android phones.

If the screen replacement is cheap, I’d give it a go. Download the Go4 app on it now and don’t update it in the future. That way the phone should always work.

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Cheers, might be worth giving it a shot, dont want to be using my s10+ if I can help it