DJI Mavic Mini 1 & 2 Offers

Are there any offers about on a Mavic Mini 2, particularly interested in a Flymore combo?


I bought mine off ebay, they’d got a 20% voucher going, so I pulled the trigger and now it’s sitting here in it’s hard case!


The 5% at Jessops has just finished.

5 months interest free at Amazon and 10% off at Very on most new items subject to a credit check etc. for a new account. Don’t forget TopCashBack

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What annoys me is that they tend to increase the price above the RRP first. But agree 20% is very good whenever it comes around.

They did actually put it up to 449, but still with 20% off, it came down to down to 375, (max £75 off)


DJI price fixing means all authorised resellers can only discount when DJI say they can.

The Mini 2 is too new for DJI to offer any discounts on it yet.

Some retailers might have various small percentage or other incentive deals available but you’ll not save a fortune on a Mini 2 any time soon :confused:

No I don’t imagine there’s big discounts, but every little helps, just a question of timing I guess

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Have a look at very. My partner has an email the other day saying new member can use code “welcome” for a discount but didn’t say how much of a discount

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I think 10%. Plus 8% via TCB

Very is 10% discount when you open a credit account and you can spread the cost over 3 monthly payments interest free. But you can’t use it with any other discount codes or offers as far as I know. 10% is still around £55 saving though :wink:

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ebay shop itstor are selling refurbed MM1 Fly mores for £339 item number 254456021361.

They are very good and reliable, I’ve used them quite a few times, never had any problem with them. Free delivery and very quick.

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‘Welcome’ comes back as an invalid code for me, I wonder if it’s linked to the account holder.

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Have you signed up for a credit account Jon? You need to do this first before the code will work


Ahh that’ll be it, I went straight to pay by debit card

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Could always go to Argos and get it for 6 months interest-free as well.

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Anyone looking to buy from Currys/PC world I have a voucher for sale, worth £329 asking what I paid for it £307 (6.5% discount)

One for sale on eBay? Though dont know why he’s got AA batteries in the combo


DJI Mavic Mini 2 Fly More Combo | eBay

Im needing to buy another mini 2, my dad just flew my mini 2 and was that happy he made a compulsory purchase of mine. Claiming I still had my MA2 to play with till the new one arrives!!


I did see that and thought it was odd also, TBH for a used item I think it’s already top dollar and would bet bidding will still increase.

5% is back on at Jessops if anyone’s interested