DJI Mavic Mini firmware updates

Mavic Mini firmware v01.00.0200 was released a couple of days ago.

  • Added support for QuickShots in all flight modes, and increases flight stability.
  • Optimized the 2.7K video shooting experience, and optimized video recording quality.
  • Optimized image distortion to give images a more natural appearance.
  • Updated the image preview function to a full screen view with a default image size of 16:9.
  • Fixed shooting-related issues, including problems with no sound during shooting.
  • Optimized image transmission quality to ensure sharper preview images in environments with signal interference, and optimized nighttime image transmission quality to ensure clearer preview images.
  • Decreased pairing time for a more optimal user experience.
  • Added flight safety features for the Japanese version of Mavic Mini when the aircraft is taking off in low - or extremely low-temperature environments, and optimized the Return to Home function when flying in strong winds (fly with caution and reduce altitude as required).
  • Optimized gimbal performance.
  • Increased the speed of GPS signal searching.
  • Optimized the aircraft’s performance in high altitude environments (fly with caution).
  • Added LED prompts for when errors are detected with the charging equipment during charging (slow blinking), and LED charging prompts for indicating the type of charging in progress: rapid blinking for fast charging, and slow blinking regular charging.

Mavic_Mini_Release_Notes_en.pdf (40.2 KB)