DJI Mavic Mini firmware updates

Mavic Mini firmware v01.00.0200 was released a couple of days ago.

  • Added support for QuickShots in all flight modes, and increases flight stability.
  • Optimized the 2.7K video shooting experience, and optimized video recording quality.
  • Optimized image distortion to give images a more natural appearance.
  • Updated the image preview function to a full screen view with a default image size of 16:9.
  • Fixed shooting-related issues, including problems with no sound during shooting.
  • Optimized image transmission quality to ensure sharper preview images in environments with signal interference, and optimized nighttime image transmission quality to ensure clearer preview images.
  • Decreased pairing time for a more optimal user experience.
  • Added flight safety features for the Japanese version of Mavic Mini when the aircraft is taking off in low - or extremely low-temperature environments, and optimized the Return to Home function when flying in strong winds (fly with caution and reduce altitude as required).
  • Optimized gimbal performance.
  • Increased the speed of GPS signal searching.
  • Optimized the aircraft’s performance in high altitude environments (fly with caution).
  • Added LED prompts for when errors are detected with the charging equipment during charging (slow blinking), and LED charging prompts for indicating the type of charging in progress: rapid blinking for fast charging, and slow blinking regular charging.

Mavic_Mini_Release_Notes_en.pdf (40.2 KB)


Mavic Mini firmware v01.00.0300 is now available.

  • Increased flight stability in some scenarios.
  • Optimized propulsion system status prompts.
  • Optimized performance when taking off in areas of high elevation.
  • Optimized aircraft orientation control.
  • Optimized gimbal control.
  • Fixed issue: some remote controller model numbers were displayed incorrectly.

Mavic Mini firmware v01.00.0400 is now available.

  • Added feature to unlock GEO zones (requires DJI Fly v1.0.4 or later).
  • Added feature that disables takeoff when the GPS signal is weak (GPS <8) and the environment light is not sufficient. This feature can be disabled manually (requires DJI Fly v1.0.4 or later).
  • Added requirement for compass calibration before takeoff when the environment light is not sufficient and the compass experiences interference.
  • Adjusted flight altitude and distance in payload mode.
  • Added warning prompt for battery cycles.
  • Reduced noise during self-diagnostics after powering on.
  • Fixed issue: linking was abnormal in some regions.


Something to note…

The .0400 firmware update DOES include a battery update. The first one for the Mini range.

When you install the update, the battery in your drone at the time is automatically updated so you can discount that one.

To update the batteries you must switch off the drone, the controller and close the app.

Fit the battery to update, then power everything back on and restart the app.

Click About > Check for Updates

You’ll then see the following:

It’s been a loooooong time since I updated firmware on a stock DJI drone so it caught me out at first, I couldn’t understand why it wasn’t ‘seeing’ the battery update requirement and kept telling me it was up to date (when that battery wasn’t).

Turning off the RC and force-closing the app seemed to be the only way to get it to see that the battery needed updating.

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Thanks @PingSpike, just updated all my spare batteries !!

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Thanks for posting this @PingSpike. I did the firmware update yesterday but remembered today that the two remaining batteries in the Fly More combo had not yet been subjected to the update. I got a mixed response from the DJI Fly app. In some instances I just connected to the Mini with the non-upgraded battery and the app recognized the need for a firmware update. On another it didn’t do this and it wasn’t until I came all the way out to the App landing screen that it decided to advise me that this particular battery needed a firmware update.

All done now and I am putting the confusion down to a newbie experience, but I will be on the lookout for this next time they post a firmware update. I’d hate to have to sit in a flying area waiting for the batteries to complete firmware updates.


Yeah this is unusual I think:

Again, it’s been a looooong time since I updated and DJI firmware but I don’t recall ever having to go to such lengths for it to see the battery requires an update :thinking:

I think this thread is a great reminder to others that the process can sometimes be a little confusing, I like the fact that we are letting other know “It’s not just you!” :face_with_head_bandage:

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lucky i only got one battery for mini I only wanted to have a play I have six batteries for the Air and six for the mavic 2 most of the time I only end up using 1 1/2 and normally have one of the other drones in the car with me so ones enough
there is a port on the bottom of the dock on the air and mavic 2 does anyone know if you can update 4 batteries at a time using this cos its a bloody pain one at a time

No mate, none of the DJI charging hubs are intelligent.

Well, they are intelligent, but they’re not running any internal software/firmware that could in turn install updates - they’re “dumb” in that respect.

The battery has to be in the drone, and the drone powered up, to get the battery firmware updated.

Imagine being a commercial pilot with a couple of drones and ten batteries for each drone?! :see_no_evil:

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Enough to make you decide never to upgrade firmware, I’d imagine? :wink:


yeh I would get a work experience to do it lol

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Mavic Mini firmware v01.00.0500 has been released.

  • Added manual exposure for videos (requires DJI Fly v1.0.8 or later).
  • Added 2.7K 24fps and 1080P 24/48fps resolution (requires DJI Fly v1.0.8 or later).
  • Added manual white balance adjustment (requires DJI Fly v1.0.8 or later).
  • Improved download speed for photos and videos.
  • Improved flight stability in some scenarios.
  • Added support to adjust operation frequency in Ukraine.
  • Optimized remote controller performance. Calibrate the remote controller if it is beeping after updating the firmware.

Mavic_Mini_Release_Notes_en.pdf (69.9 KB)

Hi Everyone,

I am new on here, 51yrs old now - have been making models and flying gliders, then planes with glow plug engines etc… since 8yrs old. I love all RCM&E. At 16, we had a house fire and we lost everything and I haven’t flown since… now!
Two weeks ago I bought a Mini and it’s amazing how much technology has advanced. Great little drone - which I updated today with the new firmware, as you may already know, but just thought I mention it, cheers :slight_smile:


Hello Gus and welcome to the forum, post an introduction in the introductions section and a few more will pop by and say hi

Where are you based?

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Hi Chris,

I shall, thanks for the advise - Radlett.



Looking good that latest fw update!
Connection to AC seems a lot better. Still, they haven’t given us a dark band on top of screen to see how many days etc.
Here’s hoping for the next fw update.

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Till Christmas? :thinking:

I keep checking in hopes they’ve added a much needed 360° pano option :confused:

Although that said, they could handle that from an app update, firmware would be largely irrelevant.

You’re a pushy blighter, aren’t you??:grin::grin::grin::grin: