DJI MINI 2 FLY MORE (and a bit more) [SOLD]

My mate Dennis is finding the system to put this for sale a bit confusing so he’s asked me to do it for him

The Mini 2 is a new replacement from DJI, comes with everything in the pictures and Care Refresh+. He’s looking for £450 ish for the lot. Send me a DM for his email and take it from there.


Hello Drone Enthusiast,
Sometime ago this add was posted on my behalf, as to the sale of my then DJI Mini 2 Fly More Combo, with added extras, l even thrown in one of my non DJI Drones, a SG906 GPS SMART DRONE, as a kindly gesture, the Mini 2 Fly More Combo has now been SOLD, thank you all for your interest.

However, if anyone knows anybody who are interested in these kind of Non DJI Drones, l do have 2 further SG906 GPS SMART DRONES, 2 AXIS GIMBAL & 3 AXIS GIMBAL, l also have 2 of the L109 GPS DRONES, since getting into DJI Drones and l now have the ones l wanted, l no longer need these other drones, second shops that normally buy this sort of stuff say that people are just not interested, because of the Drone Laws and the weight of these Drones are over 250g, so they will belong to the Open Category, so if anyone has any suggestions of where l can dispose of them please contact Hotrodspike, who will let you know of my contact details. Thanks very much.

Kindest regards