DJI Mini 2 gimbal tilting

Good morning all,
Short of sending it in which means kissing goodbye to the drone for a couple of weeks can anyone suggest a solution?
When flying sideways in video mode and with a little left or right yaw the gimbal tilts so the horizon is then on a slant.
If I fly gently forwards the gimbal very slowly levels itself out. The gimbal is free of debris, the drone’s software is up to date and I have tried landing, switching off and on, recalibrating gimbal. The flight is in Normal mode, although often at it’s fastest. The weather was dry, sunny and only a very light morning breeze. The gimbal was also only angled down by a few degrees.
In the end I manually adjusted the gimbal in the settings which helped get the shot.
Has anyone else experienced this and if so could you tell me how you remedied it? Or is it just a quirk of miniature electronics trying to do too much?

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Seems like you covered all the usual things. I’ve heard the Mini 2 has a gimbal “twitch” problem but that only shows up in Sports mode with sudden stick movements.
I’m sure there’ll be some Mini 2 owners along shortly who can give you the benefit of their “hands on” experience :+1: :+1: :+1:

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It’s not in FPV mode is it ?


My first thought, too!

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Had a couple of times on my se ( same body and gimble) but only knocked off horizon by strong winds corrected by down and up got horizon back . But then the problem vanished

I have the same problem and have sent it back to Heliguy for repair. I tried manually adjusting the horizon, without success.
Like you mine was up to date, the tilting down on the left occurred in sideways flight both left and right in windless conditions.

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Already mentioned I know, but I had this issue and found I’d put it in fpv mode by accident

@mpaull Did you try any of the suggested fixes?

Dear all, many thanks for your time and thoughts! It wasn’t in FPV mode and it was the second time it had happened. After the first time I thought it was a glitch but it happened again.
It seems ajrdrone has had the same experience so I’ve just written to Drone Safe Store where I bought it as it’s still under warranty.
For what it’s worth, I partly regret selling my Mavic 2 Zoom as it gave me 120fps, was reliable and always was able to auto land on the landing pad without any correction . The other DJI drones either land half on it or miss it completely and it’s 3 foot wide!
Once I get to the bottom of this I’ll share the result!

Thats one of the payoffs for the freedom a drone thats a 1/3rd of the price gives you.

Good luck with warranty claim, let us know how you get on

Sheesh - if it was I don’t think I’d show my mug here again for shame:-)

My Mini 2 is on its way back from Heliguy after warranty repair, they say they’ve replaced the camera and it’s fine now. I’ll confirm when I’ve had chance to test it.

Heliguy are great-
:crossed_fingers:the problem is now fixed. I have just sent mine off, but to the Drone Safe Store where I bought it.

Had a test flight this morning and all good, no more gimbal tilt.

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Good morning! An update on my warranty claim. I called the Drone Safe Store where I bought it. They said send it in. The very moment it arrived, it was fully tested and the fault confirmed. They called me straight back (this level of service is rare so credit where credit’s due!) and asked me to send in the box as I would receive a new one as opposed to a repair. Sent the box off and a new one it is.
I asked if it would be possible to upgrade to a mini3 and they said no probs and I must pay the difference. Genuine service and great guys - big thumbs up from me.


Good to see Peter Jones is supporting good customer service :slight_smile:

Dang - tried to paste a gif. But that too went over my head!