DJI Mini 2 - New Purchase

Just purchased the Mini 2 Flymore pack, to add to my MP1 and Anafi. Just got it all on charge, and first question?

The charging hub for the 3 batteries, I am assuming it will charge one after the other, so time consuming. What are the recommendations for after market charger?

Again on the charging hub, it has a standard USB Out port, should you be able to charge the controller from this, at the same time the batteries are charging?

I ask because i have tried various quality USB to USBC cables and dont get any indication from the controller that its charging from it, if I plug the controller into my power pack with same cable, it starts charging immediately.

Any help appreciated, looking forward to having a play with this little beauty. Having never seen one in the flesh, it took me by surprise how small it is.


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the controller has boutt 3 hours life, and trhe charging hub chaarges 1 after the other and yes the usb it can act as a power bank if need be :slight_smile:

The charging hub is a smart hub.

Also, welcome to the world of the Mini 2. Go out and play. Best way to learn. Might I suggest strobe lights too?

Thanks Guys,

Already have the strobe lights as I use them on the MP and Anafi, purchased the amounts from one of the guys on here a couple of weeks back. Plus already collected some add-on’s over the last couple of months.

Really looking forward to flying it and see how it compares to the MP1 and Anafi… Then to decide whether to let the MP1 Go.

Cheers all


It charges the batteries in sequence charging the most fully charged first i.e. the quickest way to get you in the air with a full battery. When all batteries in the charger are charged, it charges anything plugged into the outlet.

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Thanks Doodler, all charged up now. Been having a look for a decent charger that charges all at the same time. Using the DJI Charge too around 4 and a bit hours, but I suppose given the flying time and having 3 batteries, there isn’t so much of an urgency to recharge… Probably just as well buy another battery.

Thanks for responding.

If I want to get out a bit quicker with all 3 batteries if I forget to charge the night before :man_facepalming:

I charge 2 batteries in the hub and 1 in the drone at the same time, about 3 hours to charge all batteries using my samsung rapid charge plug


A mains powered one defeats the object of charging them away from home but I’m sure it’s this one that’s been discussed elsewhere in the forum

There’s also fast charging battery packs available but they won’t keep you going continuously, you’d need more batteries for that and a few battery packs.

This is the quickest way straight out of the box :+1:t3:

Thanks for the suggestions guys, some good info there. Like “TassyWass” suggestion, so simple, I never thought of it :slight_smile:

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