DJI Mini 2 [SOLD]

Having sold this to a work colleague, due to his changing circumstances, I now have it back.

It still has all the DJI stickers from the factory.

A single Mini 2 battery is included. I will also give the Mavic Mini battery (it takes the drone over 250g be aware) as, although it appears to be working its older than the Mini 2.
I have included the Charging Hub as I’ve lost the Apple to controller lead.
USB controller lead included.
Set of replacement props included.
Spare gimbal cover included.
And a rubber prop clip.
Screw driver is in a field just outside Redditch, I can give you directions if you want to find it or there’s always ebay!!

The case is a modified (hacked, in the true sense of the word) Mavic Mini case but fits ok.

This is a flyaway replacement, never been flown since leaving the DJI factory.

Don’t ask why it was needed, Daughter’s wedding, tree and beer were involved!

I’m selling for the low price of £250. I would prefer collection from South Gloucestershire.

@Foley and @FoleyMrs could probably find that for you if it’s a deal breaker :wink:


Would you suggest a % of the cost of a replacement as a finders fee?

What firmware version is it on?

You can DH any version now :wink:

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I haven’t powered it up, so i couldn’t say. Sorry.

Get the metal detector…

Always blame the tree. They are not nice things ganging up on us. Beer is good though.

No, it was stupid.

In had flown the path earlier with the Air 2s…OBVIOUSLY A LITTLE HIGHER.

Just wanted ‘that’ shot for her.

The price I’ve set is just £20 more than mpb offered without the charging hub and 2nd battery.

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Yes you can, and I have done so on my current mini. I just find the older firmware behaved better.

Shame but it’s on its way to MPB.