DJI Mini 2 vs Strong Winds

Earlier this month I was flying in central Preston to get some panorama shots of the Fishergate and the Harris Museum. I was unable to do this because I underestimated the power of the wind. At times the drone was moving at 1 mph and the camera angle was going slanted. I had a moment when the was RC disconnected and return to home was playing up. Was a little bit scary but I was able to get it back in the end luckily enough. I’ll definitely be checking wind speeds before future flights. :grinning:


When the drone stopped moving you were facing the wind and you set off in that direction to get back. RTH would have kicked in if you lost connection but there’s a short pause before it does and there’s no special RTH power to make it tackle the wind better than you were doing manually. It would have struggled to get back RTH or not in what must have been a short gust of wind. Also, best to stay as low as possible in these conditions or fly against the wind going out so it won’t struggle to get back.


Congrats on getting her back. In these situations, RTH is my last resort, especially if it is set to RTH at above 50m - which would make it even harder to fight the wind. Best thing I’ve found is to switch it into Sports mode and reduce altitude.


I mostly use normal mode when flying. I thought that putting it in sport mode might help battle the wind and it did a little. Agreed, losing altitude is the answer to these weather conditions.

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Definitely a good idea. Sport mode is definitely the best way out.

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I was out with my Mini 2 this morning and from what I could see, it was completely still - no tree movements or any other indicators of wind - but 30-40m in the air and I was getting wind warnings.

I have no idea what the wind speed was, but the Mini 2 was definitely feeling it! I had no issues while flying it though, so I assume it was strong gusts high up?

Do you use

Sounds like a good idea to be honest.

I do that often if I’m confronted with a sudden increase in wind when off the coast on my final leg home. Straight into sports mode and take the bird below 100 feet.

Please excuse my ignorance on this one. I understand the reason for lowering altitude, but what is it about changing to sport mode that is better to get you home~??

In sport mode the drone is more responsive and can fly faster, 16m/s in Sport as opposed to 10m/s in normal mode.

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Thanks for the answer, I’ve only had me new drone a couple of weeks and I’m still learning… Me old drone only worked in two modes … up flying and crashed waiting for new props…

incidentally, What do most people do with old drones? is there anybody here who breaks them down to reuse the parts??

Stick it in the for sale section and see if anyone is interested

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I use the app UAV Forecast to check the local conditions. It gives wind speeds at various heights which I find particularly helpful. Plus, it is always a good idea to fly out against the wind and come back with the wind to minimise battery anxiety. Also, flying over a crowded city can be iffy on many fronts (both legal and technical), one of which is the crowded 2.4 / 5 GHz spectrum with all the wifi routers around. The control signal can be confused and lead to signal loss even at close range. Hope this helps…

Personally I’ve given up and removed the UAV Forecast App. It was giving me duff info on my local conditions and I’d just go out and fly with no issues at all.

I’d be interested to know what weather stations in my locality they are taking info from.

I’m also getting wrong info from UAV Forecast. It’s forever saying don’t fly when it’s clear. Have I got some setting wrong somewhere? Does it know what drone I have ?

Don’t trust UAV forecast. I did, and almost lost my drone. Had to ditch it in a field as it was flying backwards in sport mode. I think it was @clinkadink that introduced me to Ventusky very good indeed!
And @vk2gom also posted this link for actual weather stations and conditions, real time in your area

You do need to tweak the settings a little.
If you tap on each ‘cell’ you will see the settings for that specific parameter. As an example, look up the max wind speed your drone can cope with, and make sure the app is set to match.
You also need to decide what height you want to be aware of.
I’m not sure it’s 100% accurate and you still need to make informed decisions on site.
I have always found it to be a useful guide.

Where is that shown in the app ?

It told me wind speed was under 26mph, it was actually 46mph, hence the flying backwards. To be fair though I should have guaged the situation better for myself. I knew the reported wind speed wasn’t correct!!!