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Oops, pretty sure that’s not what active track is for! He’s lucky the bus driver was at nice as he was.

Sorry not sure on how you embed YouTube links


Hi @HARSH I’ve edited your post to include the OneBox preview.

To do this just paste the YouTube link into a new line of its own with no spaces etc.

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Ha, I just put it in like that first, then thought, oh I’m sure it’s not as simple as that! Thanks though, I’ll know next time.

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Surely if you are doing that you have the drone higher than any perceived obstacles…Like vans or even school buses, at least lamp post height…


I see…My Wife’s Legs are in the same position…On her Bottom. :rofl:

Thought this one was informative about the Mini 3 tracking options.

To be honest, I can’t even see myself using active track as anything other than an assist when you’re flying anyway, don’t think I’d want it flying in a situation where you couldn’t take control (e.g. riding a bike) which is what all these demos seem to be of.

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Might be worth trying out with the kids, will exercise them a bit.

Two days to go until stock gets released wow excited



I have two questions if I may:

  1. Where is the best place to buy a drone (DJI Mini 3) ideally in the Southwest(Devon/Cornwall) or just stick to online ?

  2. With the impending changes to drone classifications, even if I was thinking of buying a DJI Mini 3(under 250 grams), which technically speaking would not currently have the new C markings. Therefore, am I better to wait until 2023 else I could potentially risk that drone then being pushed or labelled as a legacy drone and pushed into the A3 classification or do I have hold of the wrong end of the stick regarding this ?

Thanks in advance for any comments or suggestions.

Hi @jek and welcome to GADC, loads of info in this thread that will answer you question

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As Chris has stated - loads of info in the thread …

  1. For me it would be Argos - but yeah to their own :man_shrugging:

  2. IaninLondon sums it up quite nicely …

… in this thread - 22 April :+1: :+1: :+1:


Thank you, I will have a watch.


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I am guessing Argos will put these on sale tomorrow?


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I’m currently refreshing the Argos website about every 5 mins just now :joy:

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I’m sure there will be those that took a picnic to their local Argos store and are sat there gently drumming their fingers on the counter top, too.

Those that set out early enough, at least …


Some managed to get inside …


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