DJI Mini 4 Pro variable ND filter

Swapped out my Mini 3 Pro for a Mini 4 as I could get a refund from DJI on the 3.

Been replacing the accessories, now the only thing I can’t find is a variable ND filter, early days I am sure one will be released soon.

Me again

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I like the sound of this, may I ask how to went about doing this with Dji, as mine mini 3 only has 5hrs flight on it.

I could only get a full refund on my mini 3+ because I purchased it from DJI and had received it less than 14 days before

They’re coming…

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Ah dam that would explain it, O well nice thought whilst I had it lol

Glad you asked Ken, I suddenly got very excited as well :rofl:

Sorry guys


The STARTRC ones are now orderable for delivery in a couple of weeks - Freewell still not available to order.

Read night mares about any filter causing issues with the gimbal. So not sure about using them anymore

Weirdly, the full page of Freewell Mini 4 Pro filters and filter sets that was on Amazon UK as currently unavailable (they’re all available direct from Freewell) has been replaced by a single set of ND filters, which is now available to order, but comes from Amazon US…

If you click the “In stock” button near the top left of the Amazon UK page they all appear:

Thanks for the advice However still says unavailable on most of the including the variable ones. On the UK site

A second pack popped up today - the hybrid ND/CPL set which is the same price as the normal NDs.

Both from Amazon US - I think I might wait a week or so and see if they get European stock - at a better price, hopefully. The Mini 3 Pro equivalents are £20 cheaper for the non-PL ones although, to be fair, the M3P PLs are the same price as the M4P ones from the US. There’s no warranty on the US ones, though, and you get get stung for import duty and fees, which could easily double the price.

I will have to wait, which I have never been good at!