DJI Mini 4 - Rumours, leaks, gossip and general discussion

Remember, you heard it here first :smiley:

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Time for the Mini 5, Mavic 4 and Inspire 4 rumour threads? :laughing:


It’s coming complete with a flux capacitor and a warning not to exceed 88mph.

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Thats @clinkadink screwed then!

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1 inch sensor :smile:

This is the “fan rendering” :running_man:t2:

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Remember not so long ago (Mini 3) :scream:

@Sparkyws Looks a tad heavier than 250g to me. Bit fat round the gut and its arms look robust in construction … but you never know with DJI.

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I’m used to that :wink:

Because who doesn’t love the aesthetics of propeller blur on the sides of every shot? :wink:

Apparently, DJI’s latest software will remove the props from the image :grinning:

@PingSpike Its a 4-Z :wink:

What is? :thinking:

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The Rumour :grinning:

So, they are saying these are official renders! Can anyone confirm this?

@Helpful who is “they”? :thinking:

Any links or a source of information you can share with us please? :slight_smile:

“A drone enthusiast has created some impressive computer generated images […] it should be noted that these images do not depict an actual prototype created by DJI […] it’s unlikely that the world’s largest drone manufacturer will release a product like this.”

Even the video makes it clear these aren’t official renders.

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Watch you don’t get sued by the baby in the pic :rofl:

It must be true, its in colour!! :smiley: