What’s this now? :scream:

And why has it been downgraded to 2.7k video? :thinking:


You know as much as me.

I think Walmart have “done an Argos”. :rofl:

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Saving some images / screen shots in case that Walmart listing gets pulled:

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Looks like the original Mini 1 (spec wise) but with the Mini 2 remote.

Revamped for 2021 maybe? :thinking:

Aye, it has the Mini 2 ‘air vents’, I guess it’s the same body. Suppose the price point will be an indicator.

I wonder if it’ll use the lighter L-ion batteries from the Mini 1 or the heavier LiPo batteries from the Mini 2?

I also couldn’t help but notice this has no Mavic branding on it either.

That makes FOUR new drones in 14 months to drop the Mavic name they once carried (Air 2, Mini 2, Air 2S, Mini SE).

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I’d guess the lipos because it would mean re casting a new body or adding the LED slot and the venting to the old mini body, neither of which would be cost effective.

It certainly is interesting the route they are following with the re-branding. :thinking:

Edit: although saying that, the Li-ons fit the mini2 already so maybe they just ship them with it… interesting.

Might be due to the chip shortage and they can’t get hold of the more powerful processor of the mini2 but can still get the old mini processor possibly :thinking:

Could even be Mini 2 hardware with restricted access to features. A marketing idea to offer a cheaper entry-level drone without having to gear up another production line, just a label to change.

Looks like another step in the direction of the Apple business model, with the Air 2S being a model refresh (like Apple used to do with the iPhone 6/6S, etc), and the Mini SE being a dialled back and more affordable model like the iPhone SE is.

Looks like used Mini 1 prices are about to go through the floor…

So in effect its the Mini 1 with the new controller and batteries, limited camera resolution and single frequency. My take on it is that’s this is squarely aimed at those that just want to get it airborne and fly around not being particularly bothered about pictures, video and signal connectivity. In other words the 16 years old with £200 burning holes in their pockets.

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Or us 2 years ago, but we parted with nearer £500 for it.

Who’s the mugs :wink:

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No forgetting with that controller, if it has the same internals, would put the drone into O2 frequently hopping.

It does say that it is wifi on the box, but so is O2

Just a point that no one has yet mentioned.

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Delivery not available, Pickup not available?

It’s not in stock yet @lensimages

So they can’t deliver it.

And you can’t collect it :smiley:


I’ve seen prices of USD$299 banded around. Rumours, naturally, but also entirely possible given the lower specs.

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Almost looks like toy packaging, I wonder if DJI are further trying to get around certain rules in certain countries by making it look toy grade. (Isnt going to work for the uk because of the onboard camera) but just food for thought lol

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