DJI O3 Air Unit Jello - solved (with 'proto-putty'!)

I have the GEPRC Darkstar 20 in the O3 version and, while I love the O3 footage, I have been less than impressed with the platform that’s carrying it. First, the O3 camera is hard mounted to the frame so any vibration translates directly into awful jello on the DVR footage - particularly in bright sunlight. I think I got 3 or 4 flights out of it before even tightening everything up before each flight (and replacing props) wasn’t making a difference. Most of the footage from a recent trip to Wales was just unwatchable. Gutted.

I also found out that the 24khz used by the DJI IMU can clash with the 24khz PWM being used by the ESCs (but it wasn’t that in this case)

There are many designs for TPU cases out there (which wouldn’t fit on the Darkstar due to pretty meh design choices) - and many peeps don’t have 3D printers anyway.

I saw the instructions for ‘proto putty’ a while ago and wondered if it could be used to make silicon damper pads to try and isolate the vibrations. Long story short - you can, and it works superbly from tests so far. :man_dancing:

It’s damn gloopy stuff for sure - but, it works and could be useful for other applications too.

Note: Red Leicester cheese is not a suitable alternative.

Here’s the ‘recipe’ if anyone wants to give it a go (it’s blummin messy mind you!)