Dji phantom 2 repairs needed

Need to repair my dji phantom 2. happy to take apart, would be great if anyone had any links to teardown/ repairs?



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hope this helps

Welcome to GADC, Chris.

YouTube is the best place to search … as per @sparkman999’s post.

A few years since I took mine apart - not crash related, luckily. A few close escapes when I flew in full manual though. :wink:

What kind of damage did it suffer?

From recent experience, it’s a lot easier to take apart than a Mavic!

the post is for a phantom not much changed accept the addition of camera
also this one for 2 vision Repairing a DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ - YouTube

No camera on the Phantom 2 … unless, like me, you add a gimbal and GoPro.

much appreciated !! thanks :slight_smile: