DJI Phantom 3 for Sale [SOLD]

Hi Guys

My friend lent me his Phantom 3 to use for my PfCO Flight Assessment (My mavic 2 won’t fly in Atti), which Ive done now. He has moved to New Zealand and doesn’t need it anymore, so has asked me to find a new home for it for him.

It’s a Phantom 3 Standard, spec here:

I think he had it for about 3 years; from the flight Logs, I think it has had very little use, with the batteries only showing about 20 cycles. I did a full maintenance check, cleaned it, and deep cycled the batteries prior to my flight assessment, so it is all ready and good to go. I personally have flown it for about 4hrs, and it has shown no quirks or issues at all.

It comes with the remote, 1 set of props, two batteries, mains charger, car charger, phone clip, tablet clip, and hard backpack.

He said he paid £600 for the drone, plus all the accessories on top, and is asking £200 for the lot.

It is not the newest Drone and only shoots 1080p, but a reliable bargain for a beginner or hobby drone I feel.

DM me any questions.

I am located in West London (Uxbridge) though do get around a bit, so can maybe drop it somewhere else. I would rather deal in person, that way we can do a flight together and both be satisfied it is good.



A bit late now … but it’s not essential to have a drone that flies in ATTI for the PfCO assessment. They just ask you to do more manoeuvres if your drone can’t fly ATTI.


Hi David,
Just sent you a DM, I have a m8 who wants to buy it.



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I’d have to second that, what a bargain price!!

Hi Dave
Kev (Scuba01) has made first contact on my behalf.
I am free most of tomorrow for call if you still have my details.


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*EDIT This has now found a new home, so is no longer available. Cheers x

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