DJI Phantom 4 Advanced + Brand New RC with 1000nit display

DJI Phantom 4 Advanced + RC for Sale £850

Plymouth, Devon

1 x Drone
1 x Brand new RC controller with 1000 nit display(see the display in bright sunlight)
2 complete sets of props(1 set unused)
2 Batteries
Home Charger
Car Charger
3 complete sets of ND filters including CPL
Hard Shell protective rucksack
USB Leads
1 x 16gb SD Card

Open to offers, the filters all together were over £100 and hardcase going off memory was approx £160.

Happy for you to view/test and you are under no obligations to purchase.

Sample videos and photos also available on request and still probably one of the best cameras on any current drone due to the mechanical shutter.


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Price Reduced £775

Hi there, is this item still for sale?


It is…Just back home now.


Remove your phone number, or you will be spammed!

Use DM

Thank you

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Send me a private message if you require more details or address to view it.

Yes it is, see above

Price reduced £750

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Is this item still for sale? Been in touch before but been off work sick and could not commit the sale till back at work.

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Hi it is, where are you located ? Obviously if you want a look and test flight etc, just shout. Cheers Keith

Hi there, interested, talk too you tomorrow as I have to sort something out this afternoon. Will text you tonight if I get back in time. Live in the Midlands spoke to you before but have had to take some time off from work. What’s the price of the drone mate?

Price reduced to £750.

Hi there, sorry I didn’t get back to you this weekend, but it’s been a little hectic. Just to inform that I will not be having the Phantom Drone. Just thought I would tell you, so you know where you stand.

Best Stu.

No problem - thanks.

Price reduced £725

Final reduction £700

Hi there, just asking if the Phantom Pro + V2.0 drone is available? I have enquired before put had to sort something out before I could commit.