DJI Phantom 4 with many accessories

For sale complete DJI Phantom 4 kit, all genuine equipment and parts no fakes or forgeries. Have upgraded to Mavic 2 so all my old drone equipment must go!

One price includes all the below, please see photos for details, all in great condition.

DJI Phantom 4 Aerial UAV Drone Quadcopter, including battery, Gimbal Guard and 4 propellers

x1 DJI Charger

x1 DJI Phantom 4 spare High Capacity Battery

x6 DJI Phantom 4 spare Propellers and bag

x2 Lipo Safe Bags (one for each battery) for safe transporting of batteries

x1 Keesin sunhood (fit 9.7 inch tablet device)

x1 DJI Phantom 4 remote controller with lanyard

x1 data transfer cable and Ipad connector

x1 32GB Sandisk Ultra Micro SD Card

x1 USB SD card reader

x1 Polar Pro filter case

x1 (set of 3) Polar pro ND4, ND8 and CPL filters (opened but never used)

x1 Lykus drone bag fits drone and all accessories (waterproofing and straps etc)

x4 spare leg covers

x1 DJI original Styrofoam case

Can post, or if you want to pick up based in South London, can also deliver in local area.


Price please?

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@Stormin 850 haha only joking 600?

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Is anyone interested?

Looks like it sold on eBay to me.

No I didn’t want to give it for that price so no, it hasn’t been sold

Then you should have put a reserve price on it, I notice all your negative feedback are the very same reasons.

If it has sold on it on Ebay, you are in breach of the rules.
You are entering into a contract with the buyer.

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no I refunded him the money

but, you sold it !.
Have you not read the ebay selling rules !!!

Yes I have and I’ve refunded him

Then, you should have put a reserve price on it before posting it for sale.
It’s people like you that give Ebay it’s bad name.

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I should have yes

so you should sell it to him then.

for £325?

It was £385, even so it makes what it makes if you are too tight to put a reserve on it you should take the hit and sell it, it really effs me off when people do this if you want £600 for it then put it up as a classified sale not an auction.

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price is immaterial , it sold, that’s all there is to it.

The winning bid was for £385 plus postage, if you didn’t want it to go for that then you should have put a reserve on it for what you would have accepted.
No reserve then you should honour that sale.

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Not going to make many friends in life if you carry on like that, I agree it is sold.
Once an item has sold ,you have entered into a contract with the buyer, that is the law (sale of goods act).


This is why I do not sell on Ebay (at the moment), I only buy stuff.
Your feed back says it all.

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