Dji Quickshots ,Circle download

I use an ipad air with my mini 2.
I also use Imovie for my video editing.
My question is when I have used the circle feature and I want to download the footage to my camera roll on my ipad , it always does the 14 second whizzy thing .
So is there a way to download my circle footage to the camera roll without the 14 second thing ,other than off the Sd card ,as I don’t have an adapter at the the moment for the ipad.
Thanks in advance.

Please explain how you are downloading the 14 second wizzy thing to your ipad

The arrow with the box at the bottom left ,then it says creating qickshot movie which it does ,and then the speeded up circle video as I say 14 seconds.
Once this is done the whole video is now not available, unless off the sd card which I can’t put in the ipad to be then added to imovie .
Sorry for the confusion.

do you mean a tiny planet quickshot?

No it’s definitely the circle quickshot

It doesn’t put those in the Dcim directory directly …from memory there is another subfolder in dcim … you need to import that …

Thanks for that Gordon,in the import folder in Dji fly app.
I can finish my project now.

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