Dji RC Pro controller not working with IOS

Morning all,
I have searched but cannot seem to find the answer to my question.

Does anyone have some tips on making the RC Pro more user friendly, it will not “talk” to any of my IOS devices via bluetooth. also, I fitted an additional appropriate SD card thinking, I can simply transfer my footage with a Hub/card reader plugged into my MacBook, but nope.
Anyone else found this infuriating problem ?
I feel a little misled by Dji. Thanks

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DJI have not misled you at all, they designed the Smart Controllers and RC Pro to be a standalone device, what you do with the footage and photos you take is up to you, but making a RC Pro talk to a IOS device is not in their remit, now it will with an Android device because the RC Pro is Android based.
Far easier to get a IOS USB card reader if you need to transfer to your mobile, but why you would is beyond me, just transfer straight to your PC or MAC

Does the RC not support uploads to Google Drive or some cloud based solution ?

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:fu: Yeah from the SD card in the drone :wink:


This should help with third party apps

Hi Yorkie, thanks for getting back to me. Im not sure if there is something im doing wrong, but I do have a card reader as stated in my post, and have plugged the RC and also separately the SD card reader, my Mac just cannot seem to find the RC or card as an external drive. Disk utility can’t even locate it. What is bizarre, whenever I go through the same process with my mini 2 (card read) and my Air 2s when I used my mobile with the standard controller, I never had any issues downloading. Ive only had the MacBook for a few months, but used LR and FCPX successfully prior to the RC Pro.

Not having any ios devices it is hard for me to test, are you sure the memory cards are formatted in fat32 default?

Yes, I formatted it to EX FAT as its a 128gb card.

Seems a common issue with IOS devices, something to do with security that Apple have put in place.
On a forum I have just seen they advise to just upload from the RC Pro to your dedicated cloud storage, there are plenty of free ones around, I use Amazon Photo and can upload from the RC Pro straight to the Amazon cloud so long as I am connected to WIFI or my mobile via Hotspot

I don’t have any issues plugging in the SD card via a larger SD card reader into my Mac. Is it possible the reader is duff. Do you have another Micro SD you can put into the reader?

Either way all the ‘goodness’ is on the SD in the drone, not the low quality cached content on the controller app. (Unless the Pro does something more, well, Pro?) Forget the controller and concentrate on getting the high quality footage from the SD to the Mac, then use the Photos App on the Mac if you want to transfer the contents to your iOS device via iCloud. (it’s 79p a month to upgrade to 50GB iCloud if you don’t already have it and is worth every penny) Ideally after a little pit of post editing, especially if you’ve been shooting in AEB/4K

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Advice very much appreciated. Thank you