DJI Refresh Maintenance service

I tried searching for this so apologies if I missed a post covering this question, but I am coming up to the end of my first year of DJI care refresh plus, which I understand includes 2 free maintenance services included.
Has anyone sent in their drone for maintenance using this service and if so was it worth doing so?Are there any downsides - i.e. will it count towards my replacements allowed (From what I can tell its a separate service)?

Concious I paid quite a bit for the refresh package and thanks to the advice from this forum saved myself needing to claim for a flyaway(following a run in with a tree near a lake!), so would like to make the most of the service if I can.

Thanks for your help as always :slight_smile:

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Nobody in the history of mankind has ever done this :blush:

That’s largely because it’s a relatively new thing and also because it’s only for the Mavic 3 and the Mavic 3 Cine (source).

For those who are unsure what it involves, it’s very simply:

If your drone is working fine @amitlathia then please keep it.

You’d be gutted if their “service” was actually a simple refurb swap out :scream:

As a Club member @amitlathia you’re able to access our full Drone Service and Battery Maintenance Schedule Guide :smiley:

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Thanks @PingSpike given the relatively low use so far and no actual issues, I will def take your advice and not send it in!

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