DJI Spark Fly More Combo for sale

Thought I would post my Spark on here before putting it on sale elsewhere.
It is the fly more combo so has three batteries and I also have one battery case.
25 flight logs and a total of 1 hour 20 mins flight time.
The props need replacing but otherwise in good working order.
It also has it’s original packaging.
I was thinking of £150 but open to discussion.

More pictures available.

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Is postage or local collection an option? Can you add a few more details if so please @Jennyb :+1:t2:

Fair comment Rich! As it has three batteries I don’t think I can send it unfortunately so it will have to be pick up or an arranged meet. I am in the Southampton area.

I don’t want to take your thread off topic, but I’m sure you can send spare batteries with a drone. Just not on their own. Something like that anyway… There are a few threads scattered around the place covering this I think.


I sold my mini through here , used special delivery at the post office with a battery sticker (Amazon or post office) boxed as it came.

No issues


Exactly this :point_up: … as long as you declare them, it’s fine.

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Three batteries, sent with the item are OK by Royal Mail.
This extract from there restrictions list.


That’s very useful, thanks.

Brilliant, thanks. I did look at that page but at a different category!

OK, I don’t appear to be able to edit my original post again so…
Pick up Southampton, or reasonably local meet up or Royal Mail I think about £20. If postage is less I will refund.

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Is this outfit still for sale? And are you willing to send it by post or is it only for collection?

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I’ll DM you.