DJI Spark loses signal after 500m distance

Really struggling to get any decent distance with my spark before it looses signal, even with parabolic on. I know ment to be in sight range but was in a wide open area and couldn’t go much further than about 500m any ideas?

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Try researching FCC Mod

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Will do, I asked question on it the other day. Had some good replies but still struggling.

500m is probably about right for a Spark in CE mode.

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Silly question but did you have your OTG cable fitted and make sure you didn’t have it in beginner mode on your settings

Bin the parabolic and go in to FCC mode. The parabolic gives you a more focussed signal, therefore a much narrower one. Even a slight deviation in your aim and the signal will go.

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Will check. Lol

How do I put In fcc mode?

If you’re on Android it’s quite straightforward, you just need to trick your phone in to thinking you’re somewhere else using a fake GPS app. Take a look at this video for a demo (others are available too, this is just the first one that came up just now)

If you’re on iOS, then realistically you’re going to need to find a mate on Android to do this for you.

To answer the FAQ at this point, no it doesn’t change your RTH point, yes it should stay in place even when you change android/iOS devices.

Good luck.

Do you get much better range in fcc?

What are the benefits of using otg cable?

Benefits are you have a solid link from phone to tx ans and not WiFi hence stronger signal also when the otg is connected turn your phone into airplane mode ABSOLUTELY NO interference loads of explanatory vids on YouTube on the correct sequence on setting the OTG up .it should make quite a big difference but remember line of sight .you might as well get in the habit ready for November

Nice one, will definately check up on you tube.
What’s happening in November, so many regs and stuff in place, trying to get to grips with them is a nightmare.

November is online competency flight test and UAV registration they haven’t given any clues yet I DONT THINK THEY KNOW THEMSELVES.but that’s when the fines ect will come into force for sure .i mean it’s ok to drive whilst on a phone walk the streets with knives guns ect BUT RC pillows will be easy targets And they will want there quoter SO NO MISTAKES

So is that Compulsory to everyone, even. Hobby fliers like myself? Got no intention of using it for business or professionally.

Have you an OTG cable on my spark using my ipad mini 2 I get a lot more a compass calobration is a must and good Sara lite response. Good luck

Hi @Mikemogs. Re the registration.

Based on what we know now - Everyone who owns a drone between 250gm and 7kg will need to register as a drone operator and you will then be required to have you own registration code visibly displayed on any drone you own when it is being flown. Cost not know but I’m guessing between £5 and £10m. Important to note that it is the person not the the drones that is registered
Everyone who flies a drone between 250gm and 7kg will need to take the online test. So if you let someone else fly your spark, they will have to pass this test first the. And this includes on private land and even in your own back garden. No suggestion of a cost for this as yet.

Now this could still change, depending on ongoing consultation, but not likely to be much different.

Hope that makes sense?


If I put my Mavic Air into FCC mode using and android will it stay in FCC once I plug my iPhone back in? Cheers

Yes, no problems

I have a spark and I had the same trouble I nearly lost it at one point I even used a cable to the controller to the phone I ended up changing my phone to iphone now brilliant it was my Samsung there not very good with dji