DJI Standard Goggles - [SOLD]

I have a boxed set of DJI Goggles for sale. I haven’t used them but bought them as part of a secondhand Mavic Air bundle.

The previous owner says he only used them once because he is a law-abiding bloke who normally flies solo so can’t wear goggles and maintain VLOS at the same time. I know it sounds like the little old lady only driving the car to church on Sunday sales ploy but everything else he told me about the kit I bought was true so I have no reason to doubt him.

The outer box is torn around the handle otherwise the goggles and packing are as new.

£220 posted in UK

Hi, are these still for sale? I’m based in Portsmouth so could collect.

Hi Mike, yes still available, we could meet up somewhere for a test if you like before the weather goes Sh one T on us. I want to fly the Hayling gun site down near Sinah Warren soon unless you can think of somewhere you’d prefer. If you want to send me a PM then I’ll give you a contact number for me

Regards, Rob


These are now sold. I would alter the title to reflect this if I could find a way to do so :slight_smile:


Done :+1:

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