For a multi million dollor company DJI is still run like 3 guys in their parents garage… Trying to communicate with DJI support is like pulling your own teeth, Been asking on the forums for weeks now for a definitive if and when the Crystalsky will be compatible with the new Mavic 2.

its been nearly 4 months since the Crystalsky got any love from DJI support and the last update…

admins and mods on the site give the usual palm you off crap like “Please be patient”

But I see tonight someone has posted a direct response from support

In regards to your concern about the Compatibility of Crystal Sky 7.85 Ultra Brightness to Mavic 2 Remote Controller. as per checking, the Crystal Sky is not yet compatible with Mavic 2 Zoom and Mavic 2 there are no future developments to enhance this option at the moment. What we can do is collect all related feedback on relating to this concern and forwards them to our Developers as Customer Suggestion to further review as a case possibility for the next firmware update/product enhancement.

Thank you for choosing DJI.
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DJI Customer Support

I really hope this isnt true …but yet again trying to get a simple answer from DJI is next to impossible.

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Just read your post over at DJI forums.

Can understand your frustration.

So much conflicting information over there. The mods don’t help as all seem to have different answers.

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Last i have heard,dji are supposed to be making a mavic 2 controller with built in screen?even if they are,they should certainly do support for crystal sky,after all people have paid lots of dollars for these,and they haven’t: been around for that long!:thinking::thinking::+1:

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Is it not possible to sideload the latest Android APK onto the crystal sky?

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Nah, you cant load GO onto the Crystalsky without ROOTING the Crystalsky. TBH I’m not brave enough to try that. Quickest way to BRICK your Crystal if your not sure what your doing.

I did read on another forum (unconfirmed DJI source) that Mavic 2 and Crystalsky is in final stages of testing. So finger crossed within the next week, hopefully.