DJI TB47 and TB48 Regenerated batteries

I received this via email this morning from a long forgotten site I visited, thought I’d share it here for those who may want to investigate.


I couldn’t see a price for the final product? :thinking:

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Isn’t this essentially a type of ‘crowd funding’ enterprise at the moment and not a point of sale site?

I was going by this bit:

And I also just found this:

£158 if you send in your old battery

£173 if you don’t

And £197 for a TB48.

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I now know who they are…I bought Inspire 2 folding props maybe 2 years ago.

More Infor here.

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I bought these from them…
Carbon Fiber folding propellers for DJI Inspire 2 – HeliEngadin.

Huge difference in flight characteristics especially on very hot days 24C-30C, the standard DJI prop develops a conning angle which makes the Drone feel “mushy” especially in fast forward flight followed by a harsh break.