DJI to add precision landing option on mavic 2

Seems that DJI have confirmed they will be adding the precision landing option for the mavic 2 series via a firmware update,due to many requests. Is it something that matters to you or do you not use it? Personally,myself i very seldom use it,as i prefer to land manually .Glad to see it coming back,as i know a lot of pilots who really like the feature.what do you think guys,is it something that matters to you?:nerd_face:

Not replay bother don’t use it on my Mp

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Personally, I really like precision landing.

Of course I can land it myself, and I have done so, but I enjoy watching a well engineered (mechanical and electronic) system doing what it’s designed to do. It’s quite fun pressing the RTH button and standing back to watch.

I put this unlisted video online for a mate who is both a model aircraft flyer and PPL. He was impressed! You have to admit, a landing within 2 inches of the take off point is pretty damn clever!

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Hello Steve,good thinking,have to say,it is nice watching it land on a sixpence,so to speak,and that is when i will be most likely use it,and it certainly helps especially ,when you are trying to coerce your friends to become new pilots ,and join the hobby:+1::+1:I just love getting people hooked,maybe i should work for DJI:rofl::rofl::rofl::+1:


Mines been missing the mark the last few landings. Doesn’t bother me as long as it returns… as opposed to not returning at all.


LOL Thats a good thought,as you say ,as long as it returns,otherwise this hobby could? get expensive:rofl::rofl:Must say i have got a bit twitchy,when Ive lost signal,even though it is(of course):wink:,in line of sight:+1:

I use it now and again, really depends on take off area and if there is enough room for any small deviation. The precision landing is very smooth and a vertical manoeuvre, manually I am often moving forwards and backwards so I guess automated in my case is best.

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