DJI Urges Caution In Evaluating Reports Of Drone Incidents


Thanks for the post, that’s interesting…

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This is probably some of the better journalism that has come out on the Airport non-drone issues.


Hi @ataraxia that is a very enlightening thanks for posting
I noticed it says airsence is in the professional drones
Just so your aware a few weeks ago I was out flying with @mickydd while I. The air I got a c1 warning which means aircraft in the vicinity and low and behold a small light aircraft shortly afterwards came by so have just checked and there no mention of it being on my Mavic pro so not sure

It’s got me thinking :thinking:

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Another thought provoking article
Well spotted Geoff
It would be boring if we only listened to the mainstream media
Let’s not get started on the “B” word but I go to a restraunts and see seasonal vegetables on the menu

Also, just so everyone is aware (though I’m sure nobody on here would do it), calling an airport and reporting drones for the purpose of causing disruption will be treated by the police as an act of terrorism.

As if we would…
But would ring as a courtesy if flying within 10 miles of one
Don’t forget your drone if it becomes a flyaway can travel up to 15-20 miles on a full battery (that’s if your PfCO approved you need local airports number to phone and let them know if that happens)

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I know you wouldn’t, it was more showing how serious this is, both to people on here and visitors to the forum.