DJI, warranties and Consumer Rights

Anyone had issues with DJI over warranty repairs, as opposed to ‘Refresh’ cases?

Sent one of my drones to DJI as it failed to install the latest firmware update, and became bricked. They sent me back a drone that they’d kindly pre-bricked for me :slight_smile: which happened to have a different serial number.

I’ve been in touch with them, pointing out that they need to send me my original drone back so that I can return it to the place where I bought it, for a brand new replacement, as per Consumer Rights Act.

I don’t know if this is an intentional abuse of consumer rights, or just one of those things that happens.

Views/experiences welcomed!

Crap as it may be most definitely is, I think this is standard practice these days Dave :cry:

Are you sure the retailer you bought from logged the serial number? Could you not just return the DJI-replaced drone to the retailer?

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Mine went back to DJI for a warranty repair, they disputed things, wanted to charge my lots, and I just asked them to send it back.
Same one came back, still has the same minor issue (the gimbal is not overly filter friendly) and it’s still flying fine!

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Shocking, isn’t it?

I’m not sure if the retailer logged the serial number, but the ‘new’ drone doesn’t match the serial number on the DJI box.

I’ll follow this through with DJI and let you know what transpires :slight_smile:

They said they fixed the firmware and replaced my gimbal for some reason - but it’s definitely not the same drone.

If it flew that’d be a start, but it just sits there, brick-like :frowning:

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After 30 days the retailer only has to provide a repair. If repair not possible then replacement or refund.

Fact you have been through the DJI warranty process won’t affect your rights in any way.

Speak to retailer and pass on any correspondence you had with DJI. They might treat it as a failed repair and give you a replacement, otherwise they will send it in to DJI themselves.

Who was the retailer?

Hope you get something sorted out quickly.

Cheers :blush: I’m quite good at being a pedantic old git, so I’ll push DJI on the non-return of my original drone (it was a P4P - never had any problems with my Mavic).

I bought the P4P from Jessops, so I’ll let them know the saga and they can make the call on accepting the return for replacement or not.

I still prefer the Mavic over the P4P - it just works so much better :+1:

I probably wouldn’t waste my time with DJI. It’s probably tucked away in the t&cs that they can provide a different drone.
Get on to Jessops, and tell the the full story. I’d be really surprised if they didn’t provide a resolution.

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Likewise, what happened to me is probably somewhere in the Ts&Cs …. “any drone sent in for one problem will be accessed for the replacement of the most expensive parts that are totally unrelated to the fault reported”.
Gimbal issue DOES NOT necessitate replacement of both front arms and motors!

Edit: In fact, I’ve thought of two words that could replace “Ts” and “Cs” that would be FAR more appropriate …. :rofl:


The weird thing was that it was a firmware update issue - DJI were the ones who decided to replace the gimbal under warranty. From my perspective, there was nothing wrong with it - the P4P had barely done 30 hours flight time, which is why I wanted it back, rather than getting a ‘Refresh’ with an unknown history - I look after my dronies!