DJI Waypoints

When programming a waypoint mission does waypoints 2.0 automatically adjust for terrain or do I have to compensate manually . The reason I ask is when using mission planner with a pixhawk, mission planner will automatically compensate.

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Amended your thread title to avoid any confusion with a Litchi Waypoints Mission.

Thanks, will the question not apply to both?

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Probably not the answer you’re looking for, but ditch GO4 waypoints and invest in Litchi, it really is the best way point planner out there

I’ve not used Waypoints - but in Litchi you have the option to create missions relative to the ground, relative to take-off, realtive to the home, or relative to mission initiation height it already in the air.

Also - with Litchi - you have the option of creating a mission whilst at home, in the warm, sat at the computer with a nice big screen … and without using your drone and RC batteries. :wink:

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Thanks that’s sort of the answer I was looking for.

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In Litchi you can also do what I believe the DJI Waypoints enables you to do … fly a route and create waypoints on the go, etc. … should you want to.

It’s the ability to sit at home and plan a mission carefully that I like about Litchi (particularly in Dec/Jan/Feb!), and take your time to ensure it’s correct before risking your drone, etc.

There’s other free software available (Virtual Litchi Mission - PC Only, or an almost identical Chrome Plugin) that enables you to “fly your mission” in Google Earth (An example), to check camera angles, etc.

As I say, I’ve not used Waypoints, Litchi has been around a lot longer and does all I need - and seems to get the vote by those that have tried both.

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