DJI - X7 - Los Angeles Launch Event Recap 28-11-2017

DJI - X7 - Los Angeles Launch Event Recap

Inspire 2 Cinema Premium Combo at just £21.399 Full advanced payment is required and a wait time of 25 day if you feel like ordering one today :flushed:

This link will show the options and whats in the Box

Wow that is a price and a half!

Also, lots of the initial talk about the X7 isn’t that complimentary, especially on the photo side (video is supposed to be better).

The I2 is certainly a lovely bird to fly though - I miss mine!

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I think this is for 4K TV & Advertising Groups and not really full blown Hollywood folk. I would think it would be Hired more than Sold.

The ideal Christmas stocking filler! :smiley: