DJIFPV Still not in acro

I haven’t done any flight sim, simply I don’t own an apple phone.
I have had 10 flights with this thing, still feeling sick after 3 batteries😂. Have had 3 flights with the throttle stick fully manual but I find it so hard to control. And how the hell do you just five and go for tiny gaps? I can’t even dive for a goal post

I suppose my question is. Will a computer game actually help?

Not as much as practice.

Get yourself Tinyhawk or small FPV and gain your hours on that first .

*mines not been in manual yet

Nice Video and when you are getting to grips with the way of flying going through goalposts arent as easy as most think.

I’ve collided with a few already with my tinyhawks - target fixation I believe is the correct term.
So I can totally understand you being more cautious with the DJIFPV.

Practice, practice and more practice is what i’d recommend. Definitely invest in something like a tinyhawk freestyle as they are a lot more forgiving and cheaper should you have a bump.

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I’m impressed.

I have now put in about 5 hours, split pretty much 50:50 between actually flying my Nanohawk and LiftOff on the PC.

I can just about fly through the barn on the farm level of LiftOff, although 80% of the times I get in I’ll crash before getting out.

I can just about hover the Nanohawk and maybe move about a little before crashing catastrophically, and I have yet to fly it with the goggles - only line of sight. To be fair, I think I’m coming around to the idea that the house is not a good place for a beginner to learn as there simply isn’t room for anything but extremely finessed manoeuvres, which are next to impossible for a noob.

Honestly, flying FPV is so difficult it’s a wonder it ever caught on. :laughing:

Deffo practice real time is the best.

But buying another drone… For Pure FPV drones I need to learn about charging, buy a drone, camera, TX , a million batteries cos they last about as long as me if i was watching Liz Hurly do naked yoga. Prob another £1k to buy that all used…

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I’d agree with real-time flight however I’d suggest that for around £200 you can get a rtf tinyhawk freestyle 2 and around 10 batteries which will give you enough to learn and probably sell on without loosing much money afterwards


So if i was to buy a BNF can i use my DJI goggles? (i surmise the dji TX wont work with it tho?)

Not with this one as it’s analogue - thats unless you upgrade the camera and vtx and of course you’ll need a TX unit too - so it starts to get expensive.

You could get a bnf THFS2 and look for the stock tx and goggles on ebay as most quickly want to upgrade for more sophisticated kit - like I did.

I love the dji-fpv but decided to go with analogue for now due to initial budget restrictions - however that’s gone out of the window and I now have 4 fpv drones of various sizes and a whole bunch of additional toys to compliment them.


Steve didn’t you get something to make this happen?

would be interested to know more. I could be wrong but suspected that it would need a dji air unit to make this work

You can mod the dji goggles to accept analogue. Maybe that was it.


Interesting - so really just would need a compatible tx and the bnf would work.

Yep this

And this


This is going to get expensive… quick…

Good enough to get me started then? Cant seem to find a frame/blade protector tho?

Oh yes it does very quickly

I suggest you give your bank manager a call.


Batteries 4 for a tenner on ebay

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Might be worth contacting these guys EMAX 🦅 TinyHawk II Freestyle FPV Drone (RTF Bundle) – Unmanned Tech UK FPV Shop

I ordered mine as a back order and it was dispatched a day after. They’re one of my go to fpv shops.

You will use the batteries in pairs as it takes 2 x 1s batteries so its best to have an even number.
It is possible to use 1x 1s by using an an adapter but you’ll quickly want to use two if flying outside.

yeah ebay is best for 1s batteries. Cheap as chips

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Yeah seen this. But prob advertised cheap cos it is OOS.

Got any links to the batteries tho? cant seem to find them

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